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  1. How do the Combat Abilities work?
  2. Why did I not receive my PVP reward when reaching a new league?
  3. How do I earn Credits?
  4. My rooftop is completely full; I cannot place any other mutants. What do I do?
  5. What is a compound, and how does it work?
  6. When do my mutants get new attacks?
  7. How do I get elite version mutants?
  8. In the campaign, I won a Gene but I donít see anything. Is that normal?
  9. How do I earn Reactor Tokens?
  10. How do I earn Jackpot Tokens?
  11. How do I earn Gold?
  12. What is the Bingo?
  13. How does the PVE work?
  14. Why has my mutant stopped leveling up?
  15. How do i claim the Free Oriax Mutant linked to the mutants mobile release?
  16. How do I use the Bronze, Silver and Gold Stars?
  17. Why do some of my invited friends not count towards the Goliath mutant?
  18. Duplicate Mutants in the Reactor
  19. [ADVICE] Strong progress continues with a good start! using MUTANTS BINGO!
  20. [Guide] Mutant Breeding Strategy
  21. Where's my building?! I think I lost it!
  22. Loss of a mutant platinum(deck)
  23. Hardware Compatibilty
  24. my TRADE DECLINED :( when I buy in the MMG
  25. Loss of 3000 gold for new update of mutants and a mutant
  26. PvP Bug
  27. Can u look at my ticket please ?
  28. How to contact Customer Support?
  29. Need help mutants!! Plzz read and reply I really need u to
  30. Very Answer Soon!!!!! Resetting game data
  31. the best mutants
  32. Need friends WM o play that game too
  33. Please Help Me
  34. help me in starter breeding card
  35. question
  36. zalba
  37. Question
  38. why!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  39. problem with pvp
  40. why do you dont pout the heros token
  41. It does not work PVE event
  42. Por que no puedo comprar oro con mis targetas de credito
  43. Where's my prize?
  44. Where it's my reward?
  45. No alpha divizion reward.
  46. Missing Friend/Tag
  47. Magnetic Key Error!!!
  48. [Bug] Drall
  49. BUG??????
  50. Please Please HELP
  51. Please help!
  54. Gift sending doesn't work on Chrome.Where can I get help?
  55. Recompensa Primal Legend lo 10
  56. Plz help
  57. please help
  58. Please help!(mgg tag team bug)-pls admins
  59. The "by health" sort has not worked for two days
  60. Mutant Info as a CSV (or similar) Format
  61. Primal Legends Rewards?
  62. Мне не выдаёт дролла
  63. rewardsof primal legends missing
  64. Purchase order
  65. Controntation pack
  66. NO puedo comprar packs de oro
  67. The Revenge Button isn't showing up on my Match History.
  68. Sorry I want to ask something
  69. The good old days with monolith
  70. I have a Problem with my Game!
  71. hi , my ticket
  72. MGG Prizes from primal legends
  73. Turbacin
  74. primal legend gift
  75. Oii
  76. Pvp match starting problem
  77. MGG-where's my mutant ???
  78. problema de compra
  79. pagos por telefono
  80. breeding
  81. Lost mutant
  82. Fichar Reactor almacenadas
  83. cambar reactor
  84. случайная продажа
  85. platinum buranka and halbeard
  86. Reward for playing Primal Legends
  87. Game won't open in Android
  88. aliados
  89. Game crashes when trying to retrive
  90. >:v
  91. Can't receive a validation email
  92. Error OMG ..
  93. I cant play on facebook
  94. награда первобытных легенд
  95. I did not come pivischer. Help me what to do?
  96. MGG
  97. Me aparecen solo 2 de los 3 muntates para pelear :angry:
  98. Facebook problem
  99. черный экран
  100. Tester