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  1. Behemoth gone?
  2. [Question] What is the Best campaign fight to kill a specific gene?
  3. [Question] i really need help
  4. where is the aquapunzel?
  5. [Question] is cupid coming back
  6. [Question] Almost my mutants and compound are gone WHAT TO DO???
  7. [Bug Report] I ordered a 12 pack of Gold Mutants and didn't receive it
  8. [Question] About Reward for breeding Correct Parent
  10. Reward offered for breeding a Correct parent
  11. [Question] black hole recipe for bronze stars
  12. amazement: I got a gold star as a gift!
  13. kraken
  14. [Question] reactor mutants
  15. [Opinion] legendary mutants
  16. Need new reactor mutant spins please
  17. [Opinion] Breeding With Double Gene or Mono Gene?
  18. [Question] How to breed a Silver Terrordoll
  19. [Question] critical orbs: how does it work?
  20. [Question] parents perfect and mutants legendary
  21. [Question] Tengu and orbs
  22. [Opinion] Scarlet
  23. [Question] not getting free jackpot tickets
  24. How would I get missing gold back?
  25. Where's the Valentine drawing contest?
  26. crafting feature disapeared now
  28. [Question] Fame Level Bronze Star
  29. [Bug Report] I lost my money and i didnt get any gold
  30. [Question] Wicked Witch with credits
  31. Oriax mobile device- claim issues
  32. [Question] Oriax mobile device reward claim
  33. [Question] space princess
  34. HELP
  35. more gold!!!!!
  36. Legendary in Slots - How many did you get?
  37. [Question] Aquapunzel
  38. game does not run in my tablet anymore
  39. [Question] Black Hole
  40. How do I remove a tag partner?
  41. [Question] generating buildings gold
  42. [Question] Mutant Reactor - Girl Power
  43. [Question] fast please
  44. [Suggestion] Add this Questions to FAQ.
  45. [Bug Report] Problem woth refer a Friend
  46. new event challenge
  47. Kraken?
  48. breeding event female mutants
  49. [Bug Report] gifts on daily not updating and other things
  50. [Question] Mutant Slots Short Lived
  51. [Opinion] kobojo i need oriax
  52. [Question] Favorite MGG Contests?
  53. kill galatics?
  54. [Question] Commodore Le Shark
  56. Girls Power Breeding event???
  57. [Bug Report] Girls Power Breeding event???
  58. [Question] Looking for Psy Captains frends
  59. Reactor...Buy a time Soldier? or save gold
  60. [Question] Rea
  61. [Question] Naming Contest Mutant?
  62. [Question] Gold Furnace
  63. [Opinion] Best team for pvp?!
  64. [Bug Report] Girls Power Breeding event???
  65. [Question] baffled--why the double mutant sales?
  66. [Bug Report] Challenge tokens quest doesn't appear
  67. you removed the space wars and time soldier reactor....
  68. crit sheilds are useless
  69. more reactor tokens
  70. [Question] when is the arena supposed to pay out ?
  71. redeem today's free gift...then psylab experienced problem
  72. [Question] Orbs in Shop
  75. [Suggestion] Friend Invite
  76. [Question] I bought two exofishes accidentally!
  77. [Question] Overpowered Mutants?!
  78. [Question] Recruit reward mutants?
  79. [Bug Report] I Need Help Major Issue.
  80. Training tips
  81. [Opinion] Changing Tags?
  82. [Question] ¿Hornos en rebaja antes de finalizar?
  83. [Question] (or possibly bug report) Cannot fuse Star Trooper
  84. Global arena help
  85. [Question] Orbs
  86. How to get Black hole Crafting ?
  87. [Bug Report] Friends problem
  88. [Opinion] Exchange System Arrived. :) I Think
  89. [Opinion] Orbs
  90. [Bug Report] PVE Japan Event
  91. evolution center.
  92. [Suggestion] Ideal Mutant
  93. [Bug Report] not loading
  94. [Question] Platinum Brittany: Good or over rated?
  95. Mutant in Challenge Hall
  96. [Question] How to remove inactive friends
  97. [Question] Max Campaign Passes
  98. [Question] friend invite
  99. [Opinion] Wound
  100. PVP/Campaign Issue
  101. [Question] WE WANT BEHEMOTH!!!
  102. PVP question/complaint
  103. [Question] what are the strongest/more useful speedsters?
  104. [Opinion] Bio-Hedgehog
  105. [Question] stealthbot breeding
  106. Reactor Reward Mutant Duplicates
  107. pugs????
  108. Team Suggestion for Campaign Fight
  109. [Bug Report] Leprachaun
  110. max campaign passes
  111. Error en mutantes
  112. my gold????
  113. [Question] mystery box
  114. bug on daily
  115. [Question] Phoenix
  116. [Question] Challenge token
  117. [Suggestion] Mutants You'd Like To See In The Shop
  118. [Question] Mutant arrive in games
  119. [Question] max level of mutants ?
  120. why is aries (rammerhead) cost 1000 gold???!!
  121. breeding event
  122. [Bug Report] silver amazon mutants
  123. [Opinion] Better mutant?
  124. Gargantus platinum????
  125. Saber cat & Oriax
  126. Give normally play
  127. [Question] Partner & Team
  128. [Opinion] Jack pot token > challenge token ?
  129. kraken
  130. [Question] Account
  131. [Question] jackpot tockens/watch ads ... how does it work exactly?
  132. Yellow eggs
  133. About exclusive mutants
  134. [Bug Report] Frozen mutant dissapeared
  135. Has the battles become very flashy?
  136. [Bug Report] Challenge Hall Missions Disappeared
  137. [Bug Report] Amazonia event missing
  138. [Bug Report] Mutants Bingo Bug
  139. [Bug Report] have not gotten my craft upgrade
  140. Amazonia problem
  141. [Question] silver zodiac ?
  142. Cant play the game
  143. [Answered] Phoenix in current platinum thread.
  144. It is an injustice!!!!
  145. [Bug Report] Lost Progress after logging on Mobile
  146. [Question] BLACK HOLE?
  147. [Bug Report] Free 1500 gold gift
  148. [Bug Report] LOST GAME PROGRESS
  149. [Bug Report] After crafting, items move to the left
  150. Exchange Office
  151. [Question] MGG moblie phone problem dealing with in the shop
  153. Zodiac mutants
  154. [Question] Why do we lose due to a "power fluctuation"???
  155. [Question] Rocky Botboa News Entry
  156. [Question] BLACK HOLE
  157. transfer facebook account
  158. [Bug Report] Graphic bug on Zone Deluxe
  159. Any word on When Mutant Recycler will be coming?
  160. [Opinion] Best in platinum
  161. [Question] Silver Amazon
  162. [Question] boxes
  163. Platinum Buranka
  164. [Bug Report] Lily Animation Bug
  165. [Question] Neo-urban and orbs
  166. Unbalanced PVP Point System
  167. [Question] Amazon box not in the shop up to now
  168. [Question] Saber the mutant
  169. [Bug Report] SLOT MACHINE not working properly!!!!
  170. [Opinion] Ideal effect's speed
  171. [Question] Saber the bingo mutant
  172. [Bug Report] Too many bug on pvp's mutants
  173. [Question] Giving 1000 gold for some?
  174. [Bug Report] Gift sending bugs
  175. [Bug Report] Graphics Bug when Black Hole crafting?
  176. Why i don't get a priza for in the top 10% in arena
  177. [Suggestion] Britany on sale
  179. [The Hard Way] Gold
  180. [Question] legendary slot mutants
  181. [Question] LV4 Orb
  182. [Bug Report] Zodiac Mutants
  183. [Question] Did you win anything from the mutant slots?
  184. Phone payment glitch
  185. [Question] About PVE parties and selecting mutants
  186. [Question] BINGO REWARDS
  187. [Opinion] New mutant
  188. [Question] Don't make another star
  189. [Question] Why i can't activate my account?
  190. Tag List bugged !!
  191. BLACK HOLE IS USELESS NOW just remove it..
  192. how to get the carebear mutant ?
  193. [Question] Why waste a mutants special ability??? Also Zodiac crash..
  194. my account has been hakeado
  195. [Bug Report] mgg crash
  196. [Question] Managing Tag
  197. jackpot tokens in black hole
  198. [Question] muddypeat
  199. [Bug Report] Incubator and medikits. Help please!
  200. [Question] exchange office
  201. [Question] Craft Master Challenge
  202. [Question] USD not showing on phone
  203. [Bug Report] Bugged in Game?
  204. REPORT
  205. Reactor?
  206. [Bug Report] Can't play pvp tournament
  207. [Question] Some orbs not appearing for some mutants?
  208. [Bug Report] Some ads do not give jackpot tokens
  209. [Question] The exclusive pack with ragnar and 1500 gold
  210. [Question] mutant slots
  211. [Question] Crafting
  212. [Question] Mythic area
  213. [Question] I WANT TO HELP ME IN SOMETHING ?
  214. [Question] Research V bingo
  215. [Question] Lucha Libre Platinum Mutants
  216. [Bug Report] Android Application Closes constantly
  217. [Question] Reward for pvp season 77 as per newsletter
  218. [Question] Will Saber be available again?
  219. [Question] What mutants do you want to see in Platinum?
  220. [Bug Report] Sudden Disconnection. Lost more than 200 PvP points.
  221. [Bug Report] Constant disconnects trying to PvP
  222. [Question] leech lord
  223. [Question] Saber question
  224. [Bug Report] Invisible mutants in pvp
  225. [Question] Any chance to expand the rooftop space?
  226. [Question] Why is it so hard to breed single gene mutants?
  227. A new breeding event has started! Share your recipes!
  228. [Question] Exceptional Jackpot Event!
  229. [Bug Report] What
  230. [Question] JackPot Token
  231. [Question] Why nobody is complaining about Muddypeat?
  232. [Question] What's the Results of the Question Game in the Fan Page
  233. [Question] Black Hole Jackpot Token
  234. [Question] Has anyone tried Dr. Frost?
  235. [Question] Black Hole Combination (2 items)
  236. Frozen mutants
  237. [Question] Black Hole 5 Ingredient Recipe
  238. [Answered] Mutant Reactor
  239. [Question] Updated campaign rewards
  240. Issue receiving information about neighbors
  241. Ideas for old mutants if they are given stars/ more stars
  243. [BREEDING TIPS] Share your Legendary Mutant recipes!
  244. Drusella?
  245. [Question] Where Is The Jackpot Token Balloon?
  246. What is max level?
  248. "Exceptionnal" jackpot event
  249. 6th Tinker Blade
  250. [Question] Slot spin