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  1. New player: where's my reactor mutant?
  2. Where are my DAMN SLOT COINS
  3. [Bug Report] iPhone 6s: tags not pulling up
  4. Can we suggest...
  5. Discussion:Muddypeat's stats
  6. [Bug Report] spring offer 7000 gold
  7. [Opinion] Balance problems
  8. [Suggestion] Breed these mutants :D
  9. [Question] Has anyone tried Spectre?
  10. [Question] crafting lvl 4 orbs
  11. [Question] MGG app crashing in andriod
  12. [Opinion] Buranka or Britany?
  13. [Question] Bingo grid
  14. Post your strongest mutant image!
  15. PVP Question
  16. [Question] zodiacs
  17. [Bug Report] Jackpot Tokens Not Working
  18. how to do Recipe with two ingredients?
  19. [Opinion] Best team!
  20. [Question] legendary mutants
  21. [Bug Report] Tags now working
  22. [Opinion] Nezarim
  23. [Opinion] It would be better if I put a health orb on my Behemoth?
  24. [Opinion] Why Muddypeat should be balanced in 4 images.
  25. [Bug Report] Problem with the app
  26. [Question] MUTOPEDIA??!
  27. TAG SYSTEM any help?
  28. [Question] evo level
  29. [Question] New Platinum Releases
  30. [Question] Guys..
  31. Updated mutant recipes (breedable legendaries)
  32. [Question] Campaign final reward changes
  33. [Question] Fame level increased
  34. [Bug Report] Blank results in Transformatron/Black Hole
  35. [Suggestion] updates
  36. [Opinion] What is your favourite gene╔
  37. [Bug Report] Adobe Plugen Crashed every time :(
  38. New arena mutants?
  39. Collecting credits on pc
  41. PLAtinum version of buranka
  42. [Question] How to get Gold Stars easily?
  43. [Suggestion] one button to collect 'em all
  44. [Opinion] Invite 5 Friends to get ....
  45. [Question] marship mallow
  46. How to complate Mutants bingo: Cross Mutation
  47. [Question] What did you get on Heroic event of Mutant Slots?
  48. [Question] Lord Dragon&Orbs
  49. [Question] Mutant Cross Breeding guide.
  50. [Question] Some Help Me
  51. [Question] PVE Tower
  52. [Question] Tower
  53. "Thousands of possible solutions!" missions
  54. waiting for the cancernia and psychoboar
  55. Reactor token crafting discussion
  56. [Bug Report] Inusual DC
  57. Breeding Event
  58. [Bug Report] Na roleta eles roubaram golds meu o que eu fašo ?
  60. [Question] Out of Area's to put Compounds
  61. [Question] How do you unfreeze a monster?
  62. [Question] PVP - Enemies much stronger than me always. It is normal?
  63. [Suggestion] Please make an in game Delete Friend Button
  64. whats the best way to craft level 3 or 4 orbs?
  65. Help For All
  66. [ Commander Ender!! ]
  67. PvP scoring (or: Kobojo's Last Theorem)
  68. [Suggestion] About Evo!
  69. Platinum Mutants?!
  70. [Question] Reactor token gothic
  71. [Opinion] Who are the best?
  72. Error In Tournament Since PvP ?
  73. Dragons Mother Mutant !
  74. [Question] boosted mystery box
  75. [Question] Annoying Ad Redirect
  76. [Bug Report] galactic emperor in the slot machine... no gold
  77. Quick Question!
  78. mobile app (Android)
  79. [Opinion] New rewards on the events (Not PvP)
  80. Need Good Advice!!
  81. [Question] 3 questions
  82. 3 questions
  83. [Bug Report] BUG i dont know where to post but here it is
  84. [Question] what is the Mutant with the Best Start ?
  85. quick question
  86. Star Box
  87. When does the 3rd annyversary of this game will be held
  88. [Question] How can I...
  89. [Bug Report] bug mutant shinigami painter platinum
  90. Gold Wynn Worth The Gold?
  91. [MGG Official] [PvP WEEKEND EVENT] Neo-Urban vs. Darwin
  92. [Suggestion] Scarlet Ability Change?
  93. Galatic Guardian Correct Parents?
  94. [Suggestion] Idea
  95. [Question] mutant life points
  96. [Bug Report] Is this possible
  97. help on how to star a normal mutant
  98. [ Mutant Leveling Help ]
  99. Platinum Mutants?!
  100. [Suggestion] Breeding Legendaries
  101. Just got back into playing after a long break. Couple of ?
  102. IOS Purchases Question?
  103. [Question] Blender
  104. [Answered] THanks A Lot
  105. [Answered] mutant reactor
  106. [Question] About Breeding Platinum Mutant
  107. [ Question ] What Should I Go For Next?!
  108. [Question] Primal legends
  109. [Question] Understanding the Mutopedia and pvp
  110. This Maybe A Long Shot But I'll Ask!
  111. Mutant Breeding Event?!
  112. [Question] Can you play Mutants Genetic Gladiator on my phone?
  113. [Question] Best Reactor
  114. Looking for orb advice
  115. Orb Advice!
  116. Evo Prices Increased?
  117. Creating A Twitter Account For MGG!
  118. [Suggestion] Here's a suggestion
  119. [Suggestion] Add a legendary breeding option to the breeding center.
  120. Poll: 20 Breedable Legendaries
  121. Poll: PvE Campaign (permanent) content
  122. Psy-captains, help Kobojo and get a gift
  123. Help Needed.
  124. [Question] I didn't get my reward from the Defend Darwin challenge.
  125. [Suggestion] Platinum Tengu need new colors?
  126. Need Friends On MGG!
  127. [Suggestion] Add Friends By Kobojo ID?
  128. [Question] Updated Platinum Mutants!
  129. [Suggestion] Thank You Kobojo!
  130. [Suggestion] Re-Craft Button
  131. Cancernia already gone?!?!
  132. Exceptional jackpot event
  133. [MGG Official] Guide: How to get unlimited space for your mutants
  134. Need A Mods Help.
  135. [Suggestion] Exchange mutant
  136. Best pvp mutants in your opinion?
  137. [Question] Battletoad!
  138. What are you breeding?
  139. Help?
  140. [Question] Did this mutant catch the eye of anyone else?
  141. What Mutant Next?
  142. [Bug Report] PVP BUG
  143. [Question] Please help!
  144. [Question] Help.. :/
  145. Id change
  146. Orbs: drusella and chimera
  147. Help For Purchase
  148. [Bug Report] PVP problem.
  149. Purchased Something And Didnt Recieve it.
  150. [Question] Need some opinion here...
  151. Happy 3rd Birthday!
  152. [Suggestion] Mexihcatl need boosted stats?
  153. [Question] Why I can't amplify my ticket limite anymore?
  154. Where's the Legendary boxes
  155. 500 gold
  156. [Question] More like a quizz...
  157. [Question] Help, accidentally buy a mutant with gold
  158. [Question] can't install the app for android anymore?
  159. [Question] Archangel Mutant.
  160. [Question] Ask crisis part 2
  161. Some random guy on my friends list offered me 999999 gold.
  162. Crisis Event vs Challenge Token quests
  163. [Bug Report] Mutant Missing!!
  164. Ill Be Away For A Few Days!
  165. [Question] Need Friends for MGG
  166. So hardcore!
  167. No Point in Raising Evo-Level
  168. [Bug Report] daily challenge bug kill 15 zoomorph not saber
  169. [Question] GHost Killer
  170. [Suggestion] Here's a suggestion around Battle
  171. Crisis 3 Tips
  172. [Question] Campaign Max Passes 300
  173. [Question] how can i get my kobojo id?
  174. Omg link with 1000 gold on email dont work
  176. [Question] Diablo the mutant
  177. [Question] Not able to locate challenge hall
  178. PvE Problem?
  179. What platinum mutants do u have and which do u use most?
  180. [Question] PVP
  181. [Opinion] Feelin' really really angry
  182. RE: Black hole experiment, crafting etc
  183. [Suggestion] Don't destroy your own game Kobojo
  184. Thank You Kobojo!
  185. Hmm Noren?
  186. [Question] the darkseer
  187. [Question] How do I get the promised mutant from Primal Legends?
  188. [Question] Noren is a bug ?
  189. [Suggestion] Team Preset/Last Team Used button
  190. Is the anniversary over?
  191. So,no annyversary box in this annyversary?
  192. Gold refund
  193. [Question] anyone knows how to bread drall ?
  194. 10 Gold Stars Used No Correct Parents :(
  195. [Suggestion] Suggestion Bring Back Gothic reactor
  196. [Question] Legendary Boxes for Credits
  197. Hm What To Do?
  198. [Question] Buranka with new skin
  199. Twitter Account Created For My MGG
  200. [Question] Throwing reactor tokens in Blackhole
  201. Will Garuda come back this year?
  202. [Opinion] Next Reactor?
  203. [Bug Report] Did not get anything from the super mystery box
  204. [Question] New slots
  205. Is Kobojo out of their minds with this slot machine?
  206. [Question] Wasting stars
  207. Newest Member To My MGG Family!!
  208. [Question] Sgt.Pandamonium?
  209. [Suggestion] Project X27
  210. [Question] Will there still be Legendary slots events?
  211. [Question] account deleted
  212. [Question] Lichlock issue
  213. Magnetic key in inventory - how do I use it
  214. [Question] Issues needing to be resolved
  215. [Question] Missing credit
  216. [Question] Mutant Madness Achievement? message pops up 4 times
  217. [Question] why change spartac with scarlett? i was about to get him..
  218. Platunum Buranka & Project X27 !
  219. [Question] When are these going to be fixed???
  220. [Bug Report] Side quest called "Multiply your chances"
  221. [Opinion] 33 reactor tokens to trash
  222. [Bug Report] Slot stops working when you when a free spin.
  223. [Question] Chantecler
  224. New Mutants In The Mutopedia?
  225. [Question] Darkseer
  226. I win the jackpot..but i don t received the gold?!?WHY??
  227. Asalayne
  228. new tournament
  229. My New Idea For My MGG Account.
  230. [Opinion] New PVE
  231. [Opinion] Daily Pack mutatnts.
  232. Need Help!! ( Nothing Major )
  233. Cross Breeding Question
  234. [Question] 1000 Gold email
  235. What happend to PVP today?
  236. My Rooftop Progress.
  237. [Opinion] Jackpot Winnings
  238. [Opinion] Need advice.
  239. [Question] Accidentally sold my Hog the Ripper
  240. Need advice for farming credits
  241. Uploading Advice.
  242. [Bug Report] Videos not giving jackpot tokens today
  244. [Bug Report] Super spin
  245. 3X Super Spin Cash Frenzy
  246. [Bug Report] Application always crashing on second pvp match
  247. [Question] Muddypeat & Britany is breedable.
  248. Choose your side
  249. [Bug Report] Wrong discount
  250. [Question] Gold producing buildings