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  1. [Opinion] This game is dying
  2. regali ad amici
  3. [Suggestion] make a fb announcement before removing mutants from shop.
  4. Nameless Queen?
  5. [Opinion] BUSHI
  6. [SURVEY] What do YOU want in PvE Events?
  7. [Bug Report] Delayed content on android app
  8. [Opinion] IF you Cared
  9. please put azuria as reward mutant in upcoming pvp/pve
  10. [Question] Number??
  11. Zoomorph vs Cyber, the Red Herring Event?
  12. [Question] Help Breeding Silver Zodiacs
  13. [Suggestion] Extend Reactor 12 more hours
  14. [Bug Report] Free Jackpot Movies/Adds
  15. [Question] Where is my winning gift??
  16. Discussion:Reactor Mutants
  17. [Question] Will the mythical treasure or legendary treasure come back
  18. [Question] Ignored ticket?
  19. [Opinion] New PvE
  20. Goliath alt skin
  21. New uber-OP Mutant
  22. [Question] Ignored ticket? Part 2
  23. why there's no 2 week event challenge?
  24. [Suggestion] Update Mutant Madness Slot Machine
  25. A little problem
  26. [Question] events
  27. [Bug Report] Level 10 at Primal Legends
  28. [Question] Problem with mobile version shop
  29. [Suggestion] Daily gifts
  30. [Opinion] PvP Equality
  31. [Bug Report] Wrong mission from Eva
  32. [Question] How to get Spartac?
  33. [Bug Report] Sort by health not working
  34. [Bug Report] Halloween Nightmare Level 26
  35. [Bug Report] Double and Triple XP doesn't working
  36. [Question] When will the PLATINUM version of BURANKA release
  37. [Bug Report] Since the new Halloween look
  38. [Question] A quick solution
  39. [Bug Report] Power up not working
  40. Returned To MGG Forums.
  41. [Suggestion] New Reactor(or mutants) :P
  42. [Suggestion] PvP Idea
  43. 25 Most Powerful Mutants
  44. [Opinion] What's with the new PvP Event???
  45. [Question] HELP for my TAG
  46. What mutant do i get for inviting five new friends
  47. [Question] Parenting match
  48. Current orb maximum level?
  49. [Bug Report] Juego Caido
  50. No one can hear you scream......
  51. Back to level 0?
  52. [Opinion] Something is not right
  53. [Bug Report] mutants cannot be clicked on google chrome...
  54. Altaris?
  56. [Question] Why are we penalized for communication issues in the game?
  57. [Question] Has anyone created a list of all the mutants?
  58. [Question] boosted mystery box necro
  59. [Question] mutant not showing but have
  60. pvp season 93 duration is quite short....
  61. [Opinion] Pve matches repeated
  62. [Bug Report] Didn't recieve Halloween Reward
  63. [Bug Report] crafting lvl 4 orbs always produce critical ones...
  64. [Question] Breeding videos
  65. [Opinion] New Star (300% stat)
  66. [Bug Report] GOLD
  67. I purchased a gold pack but haven't received the items
  68. [Question] New Reactor
  69. No more love to other mutants beside Muddy and OP mutants?
  70. [Question] Activated Power Up's Missing?!
  71. [Question] Does Any Mutant Genetic Player Use Twitter ?
  72. [Suggestion] bring back the jackpot tokens in pvp
  73. [Question] Sanik help
  74. Same player attacking multiple times - how is it possible
  75. [Question] Gifts & Tags
  76. [Question] Horace
  77. [Question] Pyrothrope Silent
  78. [Opinion] Loss of a valued player
  79. [Opinion] what's up with this game??
  80. [Question] Curious to know Steam Warlord's FULL Stats(# and % value)
  81. UNPLAYABLE >_<
  82. [Question] Christmas presents
  83. BIG BO$$ YouTube Giveaway
  84. [Question] Breeding
  85. MGG YouTube Channel [PickyGamer]
  86. pvp season 96 is quite long... 28 days!
  87. [Question] Facebook Account Creation?
  88. Not getting my gold on mutants genetic gladiators?
  89. [Question] Update Max Passes
  90. [Question] How To Make Name Say Anonymous On MGG?
  91. [Question] Breeding a Sentry
  92. christmas event and calendar gifts
  93. [Question] Whats a good Team to Start ???
  94. New OP mutant coming soon: space surfer
  95. [Question] Alguien Sabe???
  96. [Question] pre-ordering mutant
  97. [Question] Jungle Bells
  98. [Question] Baron Urban's Plan
  100. [Bug Report] Girl Reactor
  101. [Suggestion] Can Some Help Me!!!
  102. Winter's Bingo
  103. [Question] Tengu's retaliate % is over 25% after level 25 ?
  104. How do I change my forum name??
  105. I Need More Tags :P
  106. How to get Captain Bag 'O' Bones? for quest
  107. Rate mY Platinume Steam Warlord
  108. Jackpot glitched
  109. Possibly the worst customer support team ever
  110. [Question] Is Britany breedable even without another britany
  111. [Question] What happened to the legendary box?
  112. How to get Platinum Captain Patriot and Buranka?
  113. what's better with aoe attack: Curse or Drain life?
  114. [Bug Report] King Of Bugs
  115. Reactor Breeding
  116. I need good tags
  117. [Opinion] Draco Nobolis and Planet Cleaner in one day
  118. [Question] Camo Goliath
  119. How many tags can I use?
  120. [Opinion] Best PVE Ever
  121. [Bug Report] Reward bug
  122. Happy New Year
  123. [Suggestion] what my Town static
  124. What Mutante wtih aoe attack worth to Platinum ?
  125. [Question] finished the league
  126. [Bug Report] PVP is Broken
  127. Collect ALL Profits in one click
  128. who is that Mutants in pvp prize?
  129. [Question] Need TAGS
  130. [Bug Report] Can't Play Game
  131. Getting really tired of this game - mostly PvP
  132. I have bronze and silver mutant do I sell the bronze one?
  133. my vídeo
  134. [Suggestion] Please change the mutants at the exchange office
  135. This Game really sucks and it is very boring
  136. What are the breedable Legendary mutants?
  137. Dejan Stankovic
  138. SERIOUSLY, WHEN??!!?
  139. PVP Opponents with double power ups?
  141. When is next 100floors?
  142. How far you are in "challenge hall"?
  143. [Question] Secret Recipe Mutants
  144. what this warring sign in Platiume means?
  145. When will android be fixed
  146. [Bug Report] Placing Mutants To Different Compounds Are Difficult In PC
  147. zoomorph breeding event
  148. [Question] Seiyatsu
  149. update on pvp... still can't play
  150. [Bug Report] "Bug'Ghoul"
  151. Game not working :(
  152. [Question] Package Sales.
  153. [Question] Padres Validos?-Valid Parents?
  154. "Facebook Gameroom" is down
  155. [Opinion] mad mike is overpriced
  156. [Question] Isn't Paladin Britany supposed to have boosted stats?
  157. Campaign and PVE :/
  158. [Opinion] Great Job Kubojo! No... Seriously...
  159. Faster Craftings
  160. Orbs Math
  161. [Suggestion] SOLUTION!
  162. [Question] can't access pvp again
  163. annoying bug: off "full screen" after sending a gift
  164. [Question] Challenge token missions
  165. Space Surfer needs a nerf
  166. Evo Discount 2017!!
  167. [Suggestion] Where all the other stars at?
  168. Dose my reactor mutants count after I sell it?
  169. Evo discount
  170. [Bug Report] IT HAPPENED AGAIN!!
  171. New Division
  172. [Suggestion] "Off-Topics section"
  173. [Bug Report] Is this happening to anyone else?
  174. Discount on Evo center :)
  175. Space Surfer
  176. How do I check the list for Kobojo Staff Members?
  177. Gold Furnaces In Gold
  178. K Allen Bernard take notice of this
  179. Happy Valentine Day to all of you
  180. Healing Time
  181. Buffing old mutants
  182. [Bug Report] Why does Daily Challenge reset during the day?
  183. Just done my "Bronze Breeding" Bingo with Picture
  184. What's your plains on Vday?
  185. [Bug Report] Where do I go to let them know my Space Hunter is glitched
  187. Send Facebook Requests PLZ
  188. Next Zodiac is Exo Fish
  189. Old School Mutants
  190. Monogene Mutants Bug
  191. [Question] Not receiving Drall and 2500 gold after reaching level 10.
  192. Petition For A Marketplace on MGG! Spread The Word!
  193. Elite Mutants Without Platinum Skin Yet
  194. Challenge Hall Mutant (Space Surfer)
  195. Revolution!
  196. Best mutants after the Patch
  197. Inbox retrieval
  198. Sortable Google spreadsheet with new stats
  199. is Yggdrasil better than Big Bo$$?
  200. Heroic Mutants
  201. Collab Idea
  202. Who benefitted most from balance change - list
  203. When is next pve (100floor)? *angry face *
  204. [Suggestion] Collecting Med Lab fast
  205. Could it possibly be Aza
  206. [Suggestion] to captain
  207. [Suggestion] 200th Floor PvE, for good players
  208. Are 4 of us trying too hard to keep the forum alive??
  209. PVP Season Reset Rank
  210. [Question] Only Getting 5-6 Jackpot Token Video Offers
  211. 70% dicount not good
  212. [Suggestion] Random Fight Option
  213. Gold Productions
  214. [Suggestion] Birthday Offers/Gifts
  215. Platium Apex, worth it?
  216. [Bug Report] Just look at the link, Cant explain >.<
  217. Need Strong Tag Team/Tags
  218. [Suggestion] Sharing XP
  219. [Suggestion] Clans
  220. Saber Is Waiting For Me
  221. Matchmaking System
  222. Fun Fact!
  223. [Bug Report] Level arithmetic wrong for Necro win with 200% power-up
  224. [Bug Report] PvP shouldn't allow repeated attacks by same player.
  225. Sending Request Convenient Fix [PC]
  226. Space Surfer
  228. [Bug Report] Space Surfer doing a fraction of damage?!?
  229. Lost Tricera Tank and Support Is Terrible
  230. The Legend...
  231. [Opinion] Upgrade with bad looking skin
  232. Recruiting!
  233. The Legendary Yatagarasu
  234. Is Leprechaun in Bingo?
  235. Point System
  236. [Suggestion] HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME
  237. The Fall Of Bernard
  238. [Question] Arena point system
  239. SHINY!
  240. waryena, health and attack points problems
  241. What's with the constant 10 points
  242. Zoomorph
  243. [Question] How often is the Evo Center Discount event ?
  245. Free Spin
  246. [Suggestion] how to remove a friend from the mutant Genesis
  247. [Bug Report] Overlapping strings in Tag Team bar
  248. [Question] Lucky Slot
  249. Battle toad
  250. Free Gold Once In A Lifetime!!