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  1. [Suggestion] The better it is, the more value it has
  2. [Suggestion] 'D'Composer
  3. Sonic Wave~
  4. Why is there no Signature Options?
  5. Should there be a new division?
  6. Facebook Server Problem
  7. [Suggestion] Mutant Madness needs a lift
  8. [Suggestion] Primal Legends Reactor
  9. Liars Stealing Pictures From Strong Players
  10. [Question] Primal Legends Rewards
  11. [Suggestion] Easter??
  12. [Question] Ways to make the game not save
  13. [Question] PVP points
  14. [Suggestion] Yatagarasu Shall Rise!
  15. [Bug Report] Still constant 10 points
  16. [Suggestion] Cash Frenzy
  17. Off topic
  18. Basic Mutant Cost
  19. [Question] Latest PVE
  20. [Bug Report] Losing due to "Power Fluctuations" needs to be fixed
  21. [Bug Report] Specimen-CE-99
  22. [Bug Report] Tags displaying less damage
  23. The Term "Strategy"
  24. PVE?
  25. The moment when the forum is dying
  26. No News
  27. Forum Game!
  28. [Bug Report] Cross breed stops breeding
  29. [Question] MGG game is about to close?!
  30. [Opinion] Double XP and Triple XP
  31. [Question] Is there any Community manager left?
  32. Facebook Server Support
  33. [Bug Report] Black hole experiment causing game to crash
  34. [Question] Zodiac Mutants schedule?
  35. Autonorush: Elite Version
  36. Hephaestus
  37. How's the situation
  38. Entertainment
  39. Commodore Leshark
  40. KOBOJO!!!
  41. [Question] Evolution Center
  42. [Suggestion] Resurrection?
  43. [Question] Lost silver leach lord
  44. i bought the gold i did not get it!!
  45. Should I Return To MGG??
  46. [Question] Gold
  47. [Question] Attack
  48. PVP, the challenge is gone.
  49. We're back!
  50. [Question] Fake post by mgg fan page
  51. [Question] PVP Challenges
  52. [Suggestion] Things that need to be changed
  53. [Opinion] Test, just a test
  54. Got banned on forum
  55. [Question] Lower lavel player getting higher lavel mutants
  56. [Suggestion] Could there be other ways to save game progress?
  57. [Opinion] Thoughts about Celsius Online's decision on King Lulu?
  58. Craft Speed orb
  59. [Answered] Nike shoes ultra-lightweight version
  60. [Question] Why isn't anything being done
  61. [Answered] Nike trainers repays homage on the original
  62. Pandora rings engagement functions a bunch of geometric in
  63. [Answered] Pandora jewelry Disney-themed jewellery
  64. Gold in PVE event
  65. [Question] Really????
  66. [Question] Do you can to help me?
  67. [Opinion] This seriously needs to change!!!
  68. Celsius Online don't listen to the community
  69. Change PvE Event Mutant
  70. I found unreleased mutants?! New mutant is Kameo?!
  71. [Question] Why a Speedy Breeding Event?
  72. [Question] Another Broken Mutant?
  73. [Question] PVE Mutant Choice Replacement???
  75. Anybody have a hadeath
  76. PvE Mutant Revealed+New mutant revealed with name and stat
  77. PVP Point System
  78. A GOOD mutant with a CHEAP price
  79. [Suggestion] Things to do for Celsius Online
  80. Fixing the Daily Offers...
  81. [Question] Any plans about manual tag pick?
  82. [Question] Stars
  83. [Opinion] This bugs me
  84. OFFICIAL VOTE FOR PvE Event Mutant
  85. Vote for the PvE Mutant is stickyed above.
  86. Didnít we have sgt. pandamonium in the PvE recently
  87. [Bug Report] Mgg dont conect
  88. [Bug Report] mutant madness jackpot event does not work properly
  89. Old mutants without Platinum version
  90. [Opinion] Is Having More Strong Mutants in the PvP/PvE a good idea?
  91. [Question] Who has spun the Mutant Madness event?
  92. [Question] Any Plans on a Breeding Event Soon...@Celsius?
  93. [Question] PvE Mutant 23-10-17
  94. [Suggestion] Gold Forge and Gold Furnace
  95. [Question] I Need Help With A Mutant To Breed
  96. [Question] Challenge Hall mutants
  97. [Bug Report] mutant in the shop... it says slashog but not
  98. [Question] Is the Event official or not?
  99. [Question] cuando va a ser cada evento de evo ?
  100. [Question] But Gold bregbeam or overkill??
  101. [Question] Lost progress
  102. [Bug Report] PvP Events not working for last two days...
  103. Official comic?
  104. Unable to log in to support page
  105. [Question] I need tais information
  106. LesterCalaguin
  107. [Bug Report] Forum Email authentication Bug
  108. [Bug Report] Mutants Genetic Gladiators game server problem conection
  109. [Question] New Easter Eggs
  110. [Bug Report] bought silver cacernia but got only normal one
  111. [Question] Average level of mutants at 100th stage of PvE?
  112. Reactor token
  113. [Question] What to do with Level 4 Orbs I don't need?
  114. [Bug Report] uprising
  115. [Bug Report] PROGRESS LOSS
  116. Lose dati
  119. [Question] Why Can't I Recruit New Friends?
  120. [Question] Research chest
  121. [Question] Forgot password
  122. [Question] Not log into mutant app
  123. [Question] Transfer mutant
  124. [Bug Report] Cant invite new friends to MGG
  125. [Bug Report] No puedo mandar regalos desde mi cuenta en facebook
  126. Need Mutant friends plz
  127. [Question] How to get Goliath?
  128. [Bug Report] Wicked Witch credits
  129. [Bug Report] i got winter steam warlord...
  131. [Bug Report] I can not solve the problem "attack code: 1"
  132. [Bug Report] Attack code 1
  133. i cannot use the breeding center anymore
  134. [Bug Report] Daily Challenge launcher 1 cross-breed for fusion error
  135. i srsly need help with my breeding center
  136. i cannot use the breeding center anymore
  137. [Question] Need an Intermediate guide.
  138. [Question] Need an Intermediate guide.
  139. [Question] i have a question about breeding
  140. [Suggestion] Exchange mutants to freind
  141. [Question] When a update with crossbreeding?
  142. [Question] When a update with crossbreeding?
  143. [Suggestion] need friends for MGG on facebook
  145. [Bug Report] All progress lost in Android version
  146. [Bug Report] recompensa del prima legends a mgg
  147. sobre la compra de hornos
  148. Q vuelvan los hornos
  149. [Suggestion] friends