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  1. Suggestion: New Power-Up 300%
  2. Are Legendary and Secret and Zodiac Mutants Breedable?
  3. Preemptively getting ready for other bingo cards?
  4. [Suggestion] Gifts for active players
  5. Abraham Lincoln Again....
  6. Missing Med Packs
  7. Suggestion: Display XP when selecting mutant on facebook
  8. Vanquish The Cheaters from PvP
  9. [Suggestion] Sort by evo select and show tag mutant
  10. Suggestion: Add More Rooftops
  11. Suggestion: New Game Mode
  12. @ Kobojo
  13. Offer in Daily Post not in store
  14. change some prices and add confirmation for transaction
  15. A bit overboard in the Daily Challenge update
  16. R.I.P. Randy Hoge
  17. Zodiac Box
  18. gold Furnace here for good or for a LIMITED TIME>?
  19. how do i breed warrior
  20. My New Problems
  21. Match speed mode bug! Please fix.
  22. looking for pvp advice
  23. Do you like the new 40% speed increase?
  24. How is your campaign going?
  25. More Credits From Star Mutants.
  26. Miss click
  27. Because
  28. Problem to share it!
  29. What is with all the "no tag" PVP fights when I'm attacked?
  30. Latest Challenge Mission discussion
  31. Evo Leveling Expense.
  32. Let's step back
  33. when could we saw a new 2 jetons reactor team
  34. Suggestion: PvP Replay
  35. Change Rewards Once in a while...
  36. Zodiac Box
  37. New Reactor Mutants
  38. How can you correct these gltches
  39. Mutant Reactor Brazil
  40. Suggestion: Larva Trading
  41. Suggestions for mutants (pls read it Kobojo)
  42. Suggestion: New Reactor
  43. Neighbors
  44. "SUGGESTION: " My Top Ten Suggestions
  45. For a new reactor?
  46. From Breeding Center to Inventory
  47. MGG Exclusive Wallpapers - GIVE US YOUR OPINION!
  48. TIme to turn old loading screen in a new one
  49. Another "suprise" evo sale
  50. Suddenly missing..
  51. seriously problem!!! :(
  52. That have to stop
  53. Mutant Bingo (Serious one this time)
  54. SUGGESTION: New Type of Mutant (Physical)
  55. How do I obtain Bronze, Silver and Gold Single Gene Mutants?
  56. SUGGESTION: Sports themed mutants
  57. Put Absolem back in the shop for credits
  58. X27 gone from the shop
  59. "SUGGESTION: "[Live] PvP System"
  60. Suggestion: Leave the mark of the dead ?
  61. breeding mutants
  62. Ideas for new mutants
  63. Mutants Based on drawings and series and also the exchange line mutant!
  64. Sort overpowered Tags out for gods sake
  65. Mutosterone Lab
  66. Thoughts on harpy
  67. wooden gold forge
  68. More collect all icons
  69. pvp award system
  70. Confirm Decision before building is "Stocked"
  71. No healing for losses in pvp?
  72. Fighting Mutants Pack in shop
  73. Suggestion : Bingo
  74. Gold, credits, or balance?
  75. Errors on mobile?
  76. Zodiac Mutants
  77. [B]SUGGESTION: exchange mutants ![/B]
  78. TAG & How to keep it. "Question"
  79. Tag
  80. Accelerate Gold Furnace with.....gold?
  81. Power fluctuations should not cause a battle loss
  82. Bought Vs Cross-breed Legendary Mutants
  84. Upgrade suggestion
  85. Lightning and Tank packs back in the shop
  86. Awesome suggestion for it to not waste my offensive tags
  87. Numbers
  88. Who made the Dire Despot Fanart?
  89. "SUGGESTION: "Boosting Compounds"
  90. SUGGESTION: PVP Competition
  91. Suggestion:New Reactor ! ! !
  92. New Mutants in Slots
  93. So What Now?
  94. Furnace Reset After Dtoring
  95. Damn, they changed the daily challenge
  96. Dota or league of legend related skins of mutants
  97. Deciding what mutant to take with 1500 gold?
  98. Breaking news?
  99. Past mutants you just can't seem to get
  100. Gold buildings at the jackpot. Don't lose your temper, read it first
  101. Suggestion : New Game Mutant
  102. Ok seriously...
  103. Please help-me.
  104. suggestion: campaign passes:
  105. My magical whining thread
  106. Saber Box
  107. Slots "The Jackpot"
  108. Mobile vs facebook problems
  109. Special Offers for players who financially support Kobojo
  110. Suggestion:Video Quality
  111. [MGG Official] Let's answer some questions about the Jackpot !
  112. Suggestion : New Mutants
  113. Mutants based on Terry Pratchett work
  114. [Suggestion] Trading System: An In-depth Perspective
  115. Genetic City Scare Bear promo on Facebook
  116. Best mutants?
  117. Defense Tags
  118. SUGGESTION: Game development
  119. [Suggestion] Zodiac buff
  122. i'm in the top 10%...
  123. Astro Magician
  124. SUGGESTION : Expertise mutants - Change on appearance (gold-legendary only)
  125. Missing any other Star Wars inspired mutants?
  126. When will gona come the next mutant for credits
  127. Will like to see a bingo card filed only with secret recipe mutant
  128. Best pl spots in expansion arenas?
  129. Acceleration Related Crashes
  130. Suggestion:Must READ !!!
  131. Please restore XP perFight Part 2
  132. PvP Locked?
  133. Commodore Shark Combo Speculations
  134. Supra Division: Greater Cairo Boss?
  135. What is your Fame Level?
  136. Applause for Kobojo
  137. captain bag o bones
  138. Favorites Tab
  139. how to delete neighbors who are not your freinds?
  140. Tag Attacks in PvP
  141. Crit Chance & Crit Damage
  142. More Bingo!
  143. Random Zodiac Opportunity
  144. Make the Default Option: No Tag
  145. Mutant Appearance Selection (Simple & Easy)
  146. two Mr marvelous?
  147. SUGGESTION: post fight reward screen
  148. SUGGESTION: Open Mission
  149. PVP/PVE Mutant Cycle
  150. Fake Random Zodiac?
  151. Reactor Groups
  152. suggestion new reactor idea
  153. Random Mutant Rolls - Partial Gold Refund
  154. Zodiac Mystery Box
  155. Make Retaliate, Drain Life and Wound work even for the last Attack
  156. [Suggestion] Things we really need in game.
  157. Legendary Bingo :)
  158. [MGG Official] Forum Rules *MUST READ*
  159. Eva's tavern is OPEN!
  161. No alternate galactic monogene
  162. Does work a support?
  163. What do I do?
  164. Are "mystery gifts" completely random?
  165. Stop posting stuff before it's done!
  166. Gold forge 50% off
  167. Some advice on spending my gold
  168. Bunch of Mutants in the shop
  169. Rakk n Ruin in Bingo and Challenge Hall
  170. What if you won the Jackpot?
  171. [Suggestion] Balancing: Retaliate & Wound
  172. Engineer package for a 126.64 *the Mutant has his arms crossed with a tryangle>?
  173. [Suggestion] Idea: 3rd Attack for Mutants
  174. Has this happened to anyone else?
  175. App update
  176. secret mutants
  177. Who are your top 5 favorite mutants?
  178. Hear about a new reactor
  179. Thor vs Gold Star?
  180. [Suggestion] [Suggestion] Change the jackpot game
  181. [Suggestion] Fix Crit & Tag Team in PvP
  182. [Suggestion] Confirmation Box in shop.
  183. spending gold
  184. Prestige-Package ... easter gunny
  185. Zomborg and Blade Banshee
  186. the new mutans
  187. PvP is too hard
  188. [Suggestion] Gold Forge and Gold Furnace
  189. [MGG Official] Posting a SUGGESTION? Use the apropriate prefix when creating your thread!
  190. big boss reactor
  191. 12.66 speed Mutant Ceres
  192. Red Easter Eggs
  193. Origin of the mutant from wher they come wath anime ,movie ,game,etc
  194. starter bronze mutans
  195. [Suggestion] Leveling is a nuisance.. Here's My Solution
  196. Buranka boss
  197. [Suggestion] Dear Kobojo If your high evo money spenders leave the game..........
  198. Round of applause
  199. Neo-Urban in Mutopedia vs Reactor
  200. silver beast boss
  201. How to score more in PVP
  202. ragnar
  203. [Suggestion] Extreme Challenge Arena
  204. Getting Goliath
  205. MGG Theory: "Is the size of these mutants even possible?"
  206. I'm cooking something tasty...
  207. [Suggestion] Scaling Mechanics..
  208. [Suggestion] Let the players choose..?
  209. Another update no notes
  210. Cobrakai. Is it worth?
  211. credits
  212. Question about Reactor Bonus Mutant
  213. [Suggestion] Some things about mutant sets
  214. Serious problems with the mutants Ceres,Project X27 and Britany.
  215. Anyone get the trophy mutant for R3?
  216. [Suggestion] Credit Storage Upgrades
  217. [Suggestion] new genes or mutants
  218. i don t know if i am lucky or just freaking unlucky
  219. mutants power
  220. random duel
  221. Correct parents for the Engineer?
  222. what the hell kabojo? this should be on april fools day
  223. [Suggestion] Egg Collection will be the End for me.
  224. Britany Tag
  225. Cyber Punk VIP offer
  226. Tengu upgrade
  227. Whats going on with the reactors..??
  228. Why not add all reactor so we can choose which one we want
  229. [Suggestion] the perfect mutant
  230. [Suggestion] platinum star
  231. who is better?
  232. help me with choices
  233. Any type of strategy for the new campaign??
  234. New correct parent for horus?Just get it from my friend
  235. Impression of cyber punk
  236. Done with PVP
  237. [Suggestion] why don't you remove the tag team from pvp please or make pvp without tags !!!
  238. new reactor
  239. Give Back Cursed Rider and Zodiac pack
  240. Increasing Campaign Passes amount
  241. Mutant Max Level
  242. Problem in my friends within the game
  243. [BUG] Sun-Duke's Curse Ability INCREASES attack.
  244. legendery box
  245. PVP health points
  246. the super jackpot
  247. slots
  248. Now PVP has become joke
  249. Need some new Mutants design?