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  1. [Answered] Challenge Hall- 120 TOKEN
  3. [Question] crossbreeding
  4. [Question] Gold Furnace
  5. Kobojo: Creating games with greed
  6. Mutants Slots ?
  7. Arena and Game Backgrounds?
  8. I didn't recieve my furnace
  9. I did not reach the melting !
  10. [Opinion] thank you kobojo
  11. [Bug Report] When come to me I bought Foundry ???
  12. Should I keep mutants after upgrades
  13. [Question] Can u guess what mutant i will get ?
  14. Will we see Jack O' Lantern?
  15. [Bug Report] Game freezes when I visit friend's rooftop
  16. Limited Offer Gone Before Time Up
  19. [Bug Report] no server
  20. Halloween Contest
  21. [Bug Report] Rapa NuiLevel 13 Azuria not loading
  22. [Answered] Breeding a Platinum mutant...
  23. [Question] What do you think?
  24. [Bug Report] HELP ME!!
  25. twitter and instagram result
  26. new
  27. trouble breeding
  28. [Question] Enemy gets more attacks than me
  29. Commodor Le Shark
  30. [Question] Jackpot tokens and gold sale
  31. [Bug Report] MISSED MUTANTS!!! HELP MEEEEE!!!
  32. new Challenge tokens
  33. breeding challenge
  34. [Opinion] I Vote for Shell Shock
  35. TAG - Define your own "TAG".
  36. Are You Serious??????
  37. [Bug Report] BUG IN MGG NEWS FEED GAME
  38. [Bug Report] Didn't get my rewards
  39. [Question] Legendaries in shop for credits
  40. [Bug Report] Why don't I get my Saber?
  41. Platinum Breed does not work with Reactor Mutants!!
  42. [Question] Platinum breading
  43. [Question] i cant open my game and i dont know the reason .. plz help me
  44. Breeding chance reduce ?
  45. [Opinion] Heroic Mutant in Legendary 1 Bingo Grid
  46. I don't even know anymore
  47. [Bug Report] Platinum Breed does not work with Mutants Mekali
  48. Hi, can you help me please?
  49. Cannot Breed Silver Demon
  50. [Question] Breading Viper and corect parents how it might actuly work
  51. Need help!
  52. [Question] mutants genetic gladiator
  54. [Question] orbs
  55. [Question] Determine my tag
  56. Might be mistaken but is there a way to breed a Britany?
  57. Double reactor exclusives
  58. [Question] vk.com
  59. [Question] Attack orb or Health orb?
  61. THIS Is The Upcoming Feature!
  62. zodiac orcanon odyssey
  63. All-Mutant Slots
  64. Why i didn't receive my Scarlett?
  65. Help
  66. [Bug Report] Zena Silver... but Gold
  67. I lost my 399 gold and my 2 reactor tokens
  68. [Question] Micky Krueger or Cursed Rider
  69. Trick To The Slots?
  70. Britney in platinum.
  71. anartic challenge
  72. [Question] crafting machine
  73. [Bug Report] Crashing crashing CRASHING!!!
  74. [Question] MONKEY KING!!
  75. New pve event mutant missing.
  76. [Bug Report] Azuria in battle
  77. pve
  78. Black Friday deals?
  79. what should I use for my tag?
  80. Bug with crafting quests
  82. [Question] About Cupid
  83. Invisible Mutant...
  84. When's the next breeding event?
  85. Bad Luck in Breeding 😑😑
  86. Thank you kobojo!
  87. [Question] Black friday deal (video games pack)
  88. Bug with reactor tokens
  89. New pvp mutants
  90. Compra accidental
  91. [Question] Exclusive Mutant Reactor
  92. [Bug Report] I can't use my reactor tokens
  93. [Question] Breeding
  94. How to get saber mutant
  95. [Bug Report] Only 2 Mutants!!!
  96. [Bug Report] Help wanted about Darvin daily awards
  97. [Question] Platinum versions of the reactor prizes
  98. So about the new darwin promo...
  99. [Bug Report] Quest reset
  100. A request for information.
  101. [Question] RA-DK Bot, what does it stand for?
  102. [Question] Is there an up-to-date list of Platinum Mutants?
  103. [Question] Can't get the goliath
  104. Soooooo Amazon bingo is just gone?!?
  105. Reactor Mutants
  106. Show your rooftop!
  107. [Question] How to fast level up new mutant? Free player
  108. Always no Chance breeding Heroic Wind Blade
  109. [Bug Report] Azuria - Beachclash Miami Event rewards
  110. Frustrated
  111. Something wrong on Bulldozer's hatching time
  112. 50% Discount Evo (Credit Upgrade)
  113. new platinums
  114. need some suggestions
  115. breeding events and other questions
  116. Game Loading...
  117. Where is crafting machine
  118. [Question] Not able to send gifts or access inbox
  119. [Question] any chances?
  120. Azuria not appearing
  121. [Question] What happened to him?
  122. what's wrong with kobojo support group??
  123. the offers
  124. I bought the ipad game, linked account. Waiting for Saber.
  125. [Question] Jackpot scam?
  126. MGG Fame gold
  127. mobile christmas gifts
  128. Can you add friends without Facebook ?
  129. Small gold building ?
  130. [Bug Report] CRAFT BUG
  131. Darwin - A review.
  132. [Question] Can't access gifts/inbox in game
  133. [Opinion] good news and bad news
  134. What is your strongest/favorite mutant?
  135. [Question] Winners of Last Halloween
  136. grafting qiest qiestions
  137. [Bug Report] Power ups "Pop ups" need fixing
  138. [Question] the crafting quests
  139. RR Accont
  140. [Question] Azuria Problem
  141. christmas
  142. [Question] Please explain retaliate to me.
  144. daily rewards
  145. Legendary bronze for Credits! Thanks
  146. [Question] Brown shield
  147. Platinum Saber/necro?
  148. [Opinion] Britany
  149. Crafting
  150. Daily Challange Bug?
  151. Pupetron is he worth it ?
  152. [Question] Please help!!!
  153. mystery box
  154. When the next breeding event will be held?
  155. [Bug Report] Azuria problem (Still...)
  156. [Question] My name is "Anonymous". How do I change that???
  157. [Question] Saber Mutant
  158. Which is greater in attack, Cataclysmal or Very High?
  159. Jack Pot cashed in .......
  160. bug in tag
  161. [Bug Report] New year offer disappeared
  162. list of events
  163. [Suggestion] Crafting Orbs
  164. [Bug Report] crafting reward
  165. Marv??
  166. Critical Orbs
  167. [Question] big santa vs bounda
  168. [Question] Will Cryonos be in the shop soon?
  169. [Bug Report] Mars event
  170. Bug Report [Evil Forces Pack]
  171. crafting to get reactor token
  172. problem with crafting
  173. Azuria mutant bug.........
  174. [Bug Report] Azuria Failing to Load Hinders Progress in Mars Event
  175. [Bug Report] PVP ENDED!
  176. [Bug Report] Even more crashing than before
  177. [Answered] How long does the purchases take?
  178. [Answered] Is the bank closed where you are??
  179. [Question] When this mutants will be platinum....
  180. [Answered] Breeding center
  181. Platinum recomendations
  182. [question] Breeding Event Results?
  183. [Suggestion] Space Princess?
  184. Mystery GIFT Contents .
  185. [Question] what do the stars and titles mean?
  186. [Question] cant use a magnetic ticket....
  187. [Suggestion] Commander Ender
  188. [Question] amazon grid
  189. [Question] supernovus again as creature reward for pvp?
  190. [MGG Official] Jan 11 - Season 69 started, why do i already have points?
  191. [MGG Official] Unavailability of the Crafting from Jan 12 to Jan 14
  192. I don't now what happend.
  193. [Question] New Mutant Reactor??
  194. [Bug Report] pvp ended.. received prizes but then they dissappeared.
  195. [Bug Report] Something was wrong!!
  196. [Question] Platinum Mutants
  197. [Answered] Does banker Increase production rate of Gold and Credits
  198. [Question] how long before we get the lost pvp prizes?
  199. mutant reactor discount not yet activated....
  200. [Bug Report] Lost My Reactor Coin Due To Server Problem
  201. [Bug Report] Crafting
  202. [Question] Theres no mutants in credits displayed
  203. problem whit token
  204. To MGG
  205. Gone dream
  207. [Question] Critical Strike
  208. Log in Nexus
  209. Comment !
  210. [Question] parents
  212. [Question] change challenge hall mutant
  213. [Question] How many times have i spun Reactor?
  214. [Question] Do we still get bronze stars upon level up?
  215. help
  216. reset option
  217. Breeding Zombie,Warror ,Robot
  218. [Question] whay have i not got priize
  219. Bored!!!!
  220. [Question] LV4 orb and next Bleeding Event
  221. [Question] urgent!!!!!! gold furnace!!!
  222. bronze star necessary
  223. [Opinion] need your opinion
  224. Transaction Problem: Different Currency
  225. Information on the upcoming Events ?
  226. [Question] Account been debited twice for single purchase
  227. When the Bingo silver Amazon come back?
  228. [Question] Mr Marvelous
  229. [Question] what's up with behemoth??
  230. [Question] Hola como puedo hablar con Kobojo es urgente por favor :,c
  231. i need help finding post what determines what your tag be
  232. [Question] Do Campaign Passes max at 90 now?
  233. [Question] Problem with Nexus
  234. crafting issue
  235. Challenge Hall
  236. [Bug Report] Only 2 mutants I'm so annoyed...
  237. No Interac Online option for Bank
  238. [Question] Paysafecard Problems
  239. [Question] Paysafecard Problem
  240. Help me
  241. Black Hole
  242. [Question] The Plumber
  243. Jack Pot cashed in .......
  244. Need help, Frequent crash in my account
  245. [Question] why
  246. [Question] why
  247. BLACK HOLE Tips, Rewards, Recipes
  248. Question about Cross-Breading?
  249. How do I add profile picture on this forum?
  250. Wtf kobojo...