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03-26-2018, 03:17 PM

Easter patch notes:

New Mutant

•  Gerard Steelgarden (David Copperfield - based mutant)
o  He’s all about illusions.
o  Stats :
o  We’re not even sure he’s even in the game, to be honest…
o  Ability :
o  Ok, it seems that even his picture was a mere illusion… Sorry guys !


•  Kolossus
o  In order to keep Kolossus at the top, we increased his attack value by 73.84%.
o  New ability : Zantetsuken (replaces Retaliate on Kolossus)
Whenever Kolossus deals damage to a mutant, he decapitates it, reducing his target’s life to 0. Obviously doesn’t work on headless mutants.
o  Graphic update : we changed Kolossus’ sword to match his new power.
Mutant Changes

•  Colossus
o  To prevent further confusion between the two mutants, Colossus has been promoted General, and will now be called Genossus.
o  In accordance with his new grade, all of Colossus’ stats have been increased by 25%
o  Graphic update : Colossus has a new rank insignia

•  Sergeant Dusk
o  Now changes his name according to daytime.
Between 06:00 and 07:00 : Sergeant Dawn
Between 07:00 and 12:00 : Sergeant Morning
Between 12:00 and 13:00 : Sergeant Zenith
Between 13:00 and 18:00 : Sergeant Afternoon
Between 19:00 and 20:00 : Sergeant Dusk
Between 20:00 and 06:00 : Sergeant Night

•   Triple-B
o  Triple-B has been reevaluated by agencies, and now has become an AAA mutant.

•  The Reef
o  The Reef is currently holding a seminar on shark wounds, and is too busy to fight in the arena.

•  Space Surfer
o  Space Surfer has gone to attend the seminar on shark wounds, and is too busy to fight in the arena

•  Commodore Le Shark
o  Commodore Le Shark has gone to attend the seminar on shark wounds (co-presenting with The Reef), and is too busy to fight in the arena.

•  Dr. Frost
o  We learned that Dr. Frost’s diploma was a fake. In consequence, he’s now called Frost.

•  Country-based mutants
o  Every country-representing mutant will now have a 41% extra life when used by players of the same country.

•  ED-404
o  Mutant not found

New abilities

•  Charge
o  We heard somewhere that you liked Charge-based Charged Charges, so we made it.
o  Charge makes a mutant faster on its first combat turn. A mutant with a Speed attribute of 5 will now attack like he had a Speed attribute of 6 on the first turn.
o  Charge also restores 5% of the Power gauge.

Ability Rebalance

•  Wound
o  The Wound debuff can now only be dealt by mutants with slashing and piercing weapons. Any mutant using bludgeoning - or magic - based attacks can no longer deal Wound debuffs to the targets.

•  Boost
o  We thought Boost needed a little boost, so Boost now also boosts the speed of the mutant by 10% per boost stack.

•  Curse
o  Curse now weakens the attacking mutant instead of the target.
o  The value of the Curse debuff increases (in addition to stacking) for each Curse debuff on a mutant.
o  Curse is no longer removed by attacking.
o  You can now curse all you want.

•  Shield
o  Any mutant using shield now has a Power gauge.
o  Every activation of the Shield power now costs 10% of the gauge.
o  If the Power gauge is empty, the shield no longer activates until refilled with Batteries.

•  Life Drain
o  To make things more realistic, Life Drain no longer works on non-living mutants.
o  Most Undead mutants are now immune to Life Drain
o  Most Robot mutants are now immune to Life Drain

•  Retaliate
o  Retaliate damage can now trigger Retaliate, in a perpetual loop of destruction, only ending with the fall of the weakest fighter.

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como obtengo el patch

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como obtengo el patch


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How do I get the patch?:enraged::angry: