View Full Version : [PL OFFICIAL] Bugfixes, Upcoming Features and Community News

04-30-2018, 05:01 PM
Hello Commanders! We were quiet these last weeks as we are working hard on new features for Primal Legends, and now we want to share our progress with you:

* Daily gift monthly cards will change every time, and never repeat again.
* PvP seasons will no longer generate bugs preventing you from receiving your Season Reward or starting the new season.

Upcoming features:
* We are working on new heroes and we will tell you more about one of them very soon.
* We are also working on new quest stages so that the adventure can finally go on!
* One of our top priorities is to prevent cheating and bug exploits. Keep on reporting such problems, so that we could make this game a better place.

Community News:
* We are going to ask you for more and more feedback about various elements of the game, so look out for other publications on the Facebook page.
* We're going to start a contest in the near future where we'll need your help, but we'll speak about it again during the week!

Thanks to all of you, Commanders, for supporting the game, and have fun in the world of Theria!