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06-08-2018, 02:55 PM
Why the need for redesigns ?

A lot of long-term players love some of the very first Mutants in the game, and they got attached to them.

However, the evolution curve tends to make newer mutants stronger than the previous ones. Yeah, that’s science, further generations adapt to face existing threats differently.

However, a huge gap has been created between old and new mutants, making some of these old mutants completely outdated. So, to make things move a bit, we decided to make some due upgrades to old mutants.


To put them up in line with the current designs, we could have decided to give them a basic stat multiplier. But this isn’t our way. We want to make them more interesting, make sure they could get a spot in your teams.

Mutant Archetypes

Almost every mutant in the game falls into an archetype. Archetypes can be good : they can help you think about what kind of mutant you want in each of your 3 spots. They can also help you create archetype-based combinations, like making a full tank comp.

But they can also feel restrictive, and force you to make a choice between mutants you want to play, and mutants you feel compelled to play.

That's the reason why many of our recent designs were about trying new things, making you wondering about which place they could have in your comps.

Creating mutants that did not follow the classic archetypes was another way to make the game evolve, but the older mutants also started to need more love, to fit in this new game environment.

Reworked Mutants will follow one of two paths: either they will be reinforced in their current archetype, or they will switch from an outdated spot to a more compelling design.

There is no theory of evolution, only a list of mutants Buck Maurice has allowed to live.

Because who else could be the best candidate for a redesign than our favorite roundhouse kickmaster ?



As originally designed, Buck Maurice was a bruiser mutant. In other words, he's slow, with a large amount of life and a strong attack. But he’s been outclassed over time. Our focus was on making him a more interesting bruiser mutant.

To reach that goal, we decided to make him stronger, and tougher, at the expense of some of his passive damage.

Both his attacks now deal more damage, especially his AOE attack, his life has also been increased, with a little tone down on his retaliate damage (which is partially compensated by the increase of his base attack value)

This new version will be more survivable, stronger, with an emphasis on multi-target situations.



Here's the end of this presentation of the Buck Maurice redesign. What do you think of it Psy Captains? Are you looking forward to see it in-game?

See you soon for other news!

Alcrys Alcrys
06-08-2018, 04:06 PM
Juste une petite question en passant, où la cohérence de vouloir rééquilibrer des mutants pour en introduire d'autres qui vont à nouveau ruiner la diversité et la balance du pvp notamment ???? Je pense à votre Buranka platine évidemment. C'est totalement contradictoire cette politique !

06-08-2018, 10:34 PM
Hi Le0ben. The Retaliate Ability P, does the P stand for Platinum? If so, shouldn't the stats be the same or slightly stronger than 25%?

06-13-2018, 01:35 AM
I want to see the original 6 special red coin characters hold their own.