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08-10-2018, 02:16 PM

by Elicoor

Hej everybody! I'm back this month to talk a bit more about a topic I evoked in July: Abilities.

As you probably all know, mutants automatically gain one of the 6 Abilities at level 4.


As I explained last month, abilities tend to be commonly associated with specific archetypes of mutants.

Tank mutants : Defensive abilities, Shield, Drain and Curse

Bruiser mutants : Offensive abilities dealing passive damage, like Retaliate or Slash

Striker mutants : Offensive support abilities like Boost

6 Abilities for 400+ Mutants

At the beginning of the game, all the special abilities already existed. Every special ability was linked and locked to a specific gene.
However, they used to have fixed values, 20% at lower levels, 30% at level 25.

3 major changes were made over time to add depth and complexity to the fights :

The Orbs were added to the game, allowing you to upgrade mutants' ability power. Special orbs allowed you to have two different abilities on the same mutant.
The abilities were unlinked from their genes, and you could get mutants with completely different abilities from what was expected.
Mutants started to have abilities with very different values, up to 100% on TriAD's Shield ability.

These changes made us feel that working on abilities was the core system upon which mutants could be differentiated.
We thought about two ways to work on abilities : either rework existing abilities, or add new abilities to the game, to create new synergistic combos. Both were interesting, so we started focusing on creating the new abilities. We took that decision to better envision the future environment in which all abilities, both old and new, would coexist.

Target Locked! Ready to fire!

So this time, I'll talk a bit about one of the new abilities. This one is currently called Mark.


Mark is a new ability designed around using mutants of different speeds to deal extra damage to the opponent.

Mark works in a simple fashion:

You strike using a mutant with the Mark ability.
A "Marked" debuff is set on your target.
When a mutant with the "Marked" debuff gets attacked, it takes extra damage from the Mark effect, which is then removed.

You could compare it to Slash, but with a few differences:

Slash is a Damage over Time effect, where Mark is a Delayed damage effect.
Both effects are unstackable
Slash can be replaced by a higher Slash, where Mark will simply trigger its damage, then apply the new effect.
Slash works better on fast mutants, Mark works better when you have fast mutants, or mutants with speeds close to each other.

New mutant rework


As usual, I'll also announce a rework in this article. The one you chose this time is Muddypeat. Your favourite swamp creature needed a little oomph to put him on par with the latest additions to our roster.

We decided to give him more strength and life, in exchange for a little speed debuff, keeping him close to his spot as an all-rounder.

We also slightly increased his Retaliate ability power, to make him more of a threat to speedy mutants.


Next time, I'll talk a bit more about Orbs, as they are completely linked to the Ability system.

So, what do you think about this new ability, and the combination possibilities it would open ? Tell us in the comments.

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