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10-19-2018, 02:01 PM

Past, Present and Future
by Elicoor

Hey everyone, time for a new Beyond the Machine! And this time, I’ll be talking about timey-wimey things… The one and only thing that never changes, whatever level your mutants reach: the notion of Speed in MGG.

As you all know, in combat, mutants are consecutively attacking, but their turn order is determined by their relative speed: a mutant with Speed 10 will attack twice as much as another with Speed 5.

On our side, things work a bit differently: everything works around the timeline, which uses its own unit, that I’ll be calling a tick. The displayed Speed value is only a measure of the number of ticks between two attacks.


But there might be a point on the timeline where two mutants would have to attack at the same tick.

(Bow) Ties are cool

Do you know what happens when there is a tie for next attack in the game? Are things really random at that point?


The order of solving ties is extremely precise, and very few cases are random-influenced.

The quickest mutant acts first
The highest-level mutant acts first
The player (in PvE) / The attacker (in PvP) acts first
Random order only applies if all these conditions also return a tie. In other words, random only happens in ultra-specific cases, and only between mutants on the same side.

Time for a rework

How best adapted for a time-based rework than Mimi Timebender?


Mimi was clearly lacking in the power department, while having standard life and power values. I decided to create a more unique spot for her, by turning her into a quick striker mutant.

Her much increased attack allows her to be a good damage dealer, however she has now a lower power value, as the increased attack directly influences the weaken debuff effect.

I also decided not to change her life, to keep some of her fragility. Comparing her with Nightmare Aberration, she's now more powerful, but has less life, and debuffs far less.


And who knows, there might (or not) be a future ability based on time manipulation... What do you think, Psy-Captains?