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03-20-2019, 04:37 PM
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In this balance update, we will focus on some of the most problematic heroes.


3 heroes will be nerfed through this update, due to them being overrepresented, and overly dominant in their match-ups.

One of the current problems with the great wolf is its ability to completely wipe the board in a single use of its ability, especially as he passively diminishes enemy power.

Lesser Howl: Reduce the number of affected units from 10 to 7. There is still a chance all columns will be attacked, but it will no longer completely wipe the board, while still being vastly powerful. To compensate a little, reduce the power cost from 112 to 101.

The majestic 36-square healer currently generates too much offensive and defensive power in the current environment.

Soothing is Tough: Reduce the global heal, from 4 to 3 at level 1, and from 11 to 10 at max level. Increase her power cost by 6, from 59 to 65.

The fiery goat currently has a too high damage potential. When damaging heroes, he deals up to 90 damage in a wide zone with the direct damage, added to 3 45-damage ticks of a DoT. It doesn’t seem much, but due to the nature of DoTs, it becomes extremely strong: DoTs tick at each player’s turn (so between two chances to act, your heroes will take 2 ticks of damage; there’s no real difference between direct and indirect damage, which means all damage consequences apply with DoTs, especially the forward-moving effect; and last point, the attack’s a wide zone with no duplication prevention, meaning bigger heroes will take multiple ticks of damage, making them move further towards the front line, or locking them in an inescapable flame loop. Even while not hitting heroes, he deals a whole 180 damage to the player over the whole power duration.

Delayed Flameblast: In order to slow him down a bit without reducing the ability power, increase its power cost from 61 to 76.


The current Pyk scarcely sees play, as he’s seen as a hero with a very low amount of life, making it seem useless. Plus, its low life makes it extremely vulnerable to any attack affecting benched heroes.

Absolute Tank: To make it clearer, Pyk’s base life will be increased to its current post-buff value, but his morale will not, which will reinforce its uniqueness, by being the first hero with different life and morale values. Also, to reinforce its tank theme, we’re going to add him a light regeneration effect on every turn (up to 15 at max level).

Asaro’s currently not seeing much play, as he has no real impact in the current environment. His passive damage increase to yellow units makes him useless when you cannot play yellow links. And his only active power barely increases its health, making him see very little play.

For My People!: We don’t change Asaro’s tanking capabilities, but we improve his capability to buff yellow units, by improving his passive bonus, making it evolve over the levels (from a flat 5 at every level to 5-10)

Even though Outi is quite versatile, it lacks presence in the current environment. To compensate for that, we’ll allow it to be somehow more aggressive by reducing his power cost, and slightly increasing its damage.

Ninja Strike: Reduce his power cost from 55 to 48. Increase its damage by up to 15 (at max level).

Borg only boosts the front line. Which would be, in theory, the best way of having a layer of protection. But keeping such a layer for defensive purposes also implies you cannot use your frontline for its combo potential. And he’s clearly underpowered compared to other heroes like Mori, another common card.

Better Healing: We’ll increase its healing potential by up to 7 (at max level) on each square.