View Full Version : Fusion Bronze-Silver

Jérôme Galet
12-14-2015, 09:03 AM
Hi Kobojo,

Here some suggestion, for the fusion. Now, and thanks to you, we have the possibilities to fusion mutant to have Platine mutant. The mechanics seem legit and be sure to have what we want is very good.

Now is the suggestion. I have, for long, breed my mutant and sometimes i got 'million' time the same bronze combination and i have very big difficulties to have the same mutant in silver (same for silver-gold). What i think it's that, why not fusion bronze or silver mutant to be sure to have THE mutant that we want in upgraded version.

Exemple, i have two bronze (silver) zomborg and i have difficulties to have the silver (gold) version. If by fusion the two bronze (silver) i would have for sure the silver (gold) version like for platine, it would be so good.

So, could we fusion other mutant than just gold ?

Thanks to your answer in advance and have a good day !

P.S. : I'm sorry if the thread have already been asked, i didn't found it.