View Full Version : This is what happened if you let those rats in PVP

Prabu Farel Siliwangi
12-16-2015, 01:55 PM
Well well kobojo i can't hold my emotions anymore at those rats.they make high evo players like me suffer because they steals our points and while we revenge them we only got 10 points and they only lost 5 points. if they attack us and win they got hundreds or even thousands of points.you know hacking in a game isn't fair for real players who always spend their money and time for this game while those rats don't need any money to spend to play this game and just use that damn hacks non stop in every PVP.and here the consequence because you let those rats attacking us:
1.Many high evo players don't want to spend money anymore
2.Many fair players leave this game because those rats
3.Some of them even share their dirty hack to other players and some 50+ evo players also use that dirty hack
4.Their fame increased drastically 2 days before i see one of them still fame 20 but now their fame is reached 60!!!!because you don't need any tickets to fight in PVP.and the most drastic is a rat named Demetrio his fame is around 600 less than a week ago but now it's over 1000!!!!and his evo is only around 50.that's impossible to farming fame that much without high evo tag and many med packs as a proof he's only have 8 mutual friends with me without any single high evo tags in it

I've been playing this game more than 2 years and i don't want to see those rats stealing high ranks in PVP and Top ranks is no longer dominated by high evo players.and i know this place isn't a place to complaining about those rats but even we report them to the support nothing happened.so please don't close or delete this thread i want to see what's everyone's opinion in this forum about what happened in PVP and we can try to find solutions to stop those rats

John MacDonald
12-16-2015, 06:58 PM
I haven't really noticed that much difference between this season and the end of last season, but I've only had 6 fights. I'll weigh in when I've had a few more.