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[K] Allen Bernard
01-06-2016, 03:14 PM


Welcome to Zodiac: Orcanon Odyssey's latest patch notes on the build released on the 5th of January 2016.
As of late, the team has been extremely focused on design issues, however bug fixes haven't been put aside.
Please find below information on some of the issues which have resolved:


Occasionally crashes when fighting Draz in Vermillion in Story Mode - This should be resolved.
The game would crash for some adventurers when they crafted a weapon or armory and then tried to upgrade it - This shouldn't happen anymore.
Some players experience crashes when the Fighter had the Earthquake Blade equipped, used Bold Maneuver and then consumed a Cleanse Potion - should now be fixed.
The global stability of menus has been improved.
For some players crafting weapons/armory followed by switching tabs (in order to attempt to craft another type of item), resulted in a hanging screen - This has been fixed.


The Blood Priestess didn't match its timeline and Bestiary icons - This has been fixed.
Details regarding the Frozen Reaver Sword have been updated in the "Upgrade" menu.
One of the skills of the Water Priestess had a fire visual effect - Fixed!
Numerous overlap issues or visual issues have been dealt with.
Audio issues or lack of audio during scenes/battles have been fixed (Pendulums, animations' sounds, attack sounds, aso...)


The craft animation was displayed incorrectly if the user crafted an item with multiple ingredients followed by another one with just one ingredient - This has been fixed.
A strange orange glow appeared during some of Dag's animations - fixed.
The temple statue pillars could sometimes overlap each other - shouldn't happen anymore.
One of the Geckals in the Garden Battleground was scaled larger than players characters - it has been fixed.
Numerous other small art imperfections and design issues for 16:9 format have also been dealt with.


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Have a great day and a beautiful New Year's Eve!

The Z:OO Team