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Den Abn
01-15-2016, 07:59 AM
We all know that ability can be good or bad , base on the mutant speed .speed make ability incrediblely useful or useless./for examle retaliate is very stupid if your mutant have high speed . the damage deal back to the enemie is not much .

and we know that there only 2 way to trigger their ability .a mutant must taking damage or dealing damage to use their ability.

IDEA:(now mutant will have 1 more ability to balance the game and tactical stuff)
Keep all the old ability and add this to go with each ability
(i also dont know how to made up a cool name to go with)

Retaliate: will go with
"Strong ally": now whenever a mutant with this ability get attaked it will spread 25% damage it take to 2 other ally mutant .which mean 12.5% will be send to 2 each friendly mutant. if there only one ally it will take the whole 25 %. if non alive it will take full 100 damage)

"Drain life" will go with
"Endurable life"(bad english): with each turn that pass the mutant with this ability will regain 10% health.(with this kind of ability it will sure bring back Necro to the arena)

Wound: will go with
"death mark" when ever a mutant with this ability attack an enemy it will leave a mark on them. a mutant with death mark will take 15% extra of the mutant that atack it. and if a mutant with a mark die or killed with a mutant with death mark ability it will leave a mark on all other enemy (assasin thing will sure make beast come to life)

Curse: will go with
"Team Buff": whenever a mutant with this ability take damage, it will buff other friendly mutant ability for the next use. even if the mutant that buff the other ally die it will still remain the buff untill it trigger )

Shield: will go with
"Tanky ally" whenever a mutant with this ability take damage it will gian a sheild for other friendly mutant

Boost: go with
"Mighty ally" whenever a mutant with this ability take damage it will buff other 2 mutant attack (go perfect with death mark)

still cant think of a cool name for them. help me plz

and all mutant with spread damage that deal 50 % damage of it main attack . is now buff to 60%
caz when a mutant with spread damage attack it will triggered a bunch of ability.

THINK ABOUT it and leave a reply if u have better idea (sr for bad english)

Den Abn
02-01-2016, 06:18 AM
just edit abit for necro : healing stuff

Nats Agustin
02-03-2016, 12:49 PM

Den Abn
02-11-2016, 03:24 PM
well some idea can replace the original idea like the necro one

Russell Paez
02-12-2016, 09:35 PM
Some of those sound too strong.
Why instead couldn't there be a way to craft an ability change? Then you can choose the ability that you feel suits your mutant. (maybe materials is other mutants with that ability?!?!)