View Full Version : Stars on levelling up.

ARobin Verma
01-22-2016, 06:12 PM
Hi Kobojo

lately ive been having issue with low stars on my account, i have to wait for the events to end to get just 1 gold n 1 silver star just in pve i havent really gone that far in pvp even if i did 1 extra hardly makes any difference.

What i wanna suggest is to give us 1 star each of bronze ,silver and gold every time we level up or every 2 levels. I do understand you might think it will cause the game to be off balance if everyone has all the gold mutants they want, but its never sure what you get out of breeding anyway.Plus.. i think its highly unlikely because of the sheer population of MGG that keeps on growing day by day, and that each month 2-3 new mutants are being released .

Even that statement might not be accurate because the balance is already off with too many new things being launched like :
Orb crafting
New Mutants
An extra Orb Level

New functions are cool as hell but small things like not having much roofspace, low stars, Low % drop of stars from jackpot,not having daily ,monthly , yearly "ACTIVE" rewards still brings it down,

I do hope you consider it even if u don't implement it.