View Full Version : How are pvp points calculated?

ARobin Verma
01-24-2016, 11:53 AM

Can anyone explain me , how is this pvp points calculated , On one hand i would win a match with guy/girl with evo 10 levels higher than me and still get awarded 10 points. And if he/she takes revenge they are gonna end up having 20 points.On the other if i got beat by a player with evo even 20 levels lower than mine he ends up taking 26/36/45 and if i wanna take revenge i dont even get 20 , i mean how ridiculous is that?.

I am sure kobojo is right, just i am not able to understand how points are rewarded, So i would love for you to please explain me. :)

01-24-2016, 08:24 PM
This is a very common question, which the officials do not go into specifics of (to avoid exploitation, etc). But many speculate it to be determined by several factors:

- Evo
- Difference in points
- Fame
- Quality of mutants

Most of the time, it is easy, with just Evo being the determinant, however, there are maybe 5 players higher evo then me that I still lose 20 points to (There are only maybe 30 players in the game that are higher evo then me too!).

The point difference could be obsolete now, since that match ups tend to be close to your points, unless you are in the top 30, or someone you revenge has gained a lot of points since they attacked you.

Fame is highly speculated, and would make sense, since the higher evo player who I lose 20 points to have lower fame.

Quality of mutants, I have yet to determine.