View Full Version : Suggestion : Mutant Skins

Faugn Xoosef
02-02-2016, 05:29 AM
Greetings, as a player as old as when mgg started in fb, i understand that platinum skins are a late addition to the game, and that most best looking skins have been placed in gold versions. still, i know that mgg can do better, some of the platinum skins really suck or just lame. here are few suggestions:
shellshock - monocolor orange? really? a real downgrade
apex-many players would agree to remove those wings
cobrakai-again whats with the orange theme, a black stripped snake with green eyes looks more better
dezinger- lol, the platinum version looks inferior than the other version, try a matte red, and a glowing weapon.

these are few among the others that need improvent. Also while some platinum suck there are some that nailed it like deadbot, buck, stealthbot, iron eagle, planet cleaner.

the point is platinum versions should be something players look foward to. please dont just limit the color scheme to orange.

Suggestion 2:
It is for a fact that every1 has thier own preference!
Why not make it possible for players to choose the mutants skins that they want from the bronze, silver, gold, platinum versions that they have bred or acquired?