View Full Version : Great idea for all Psy Captaints ! Please read.

Cristian Bului
03-12-2016, 12:35 PM
Yesterday i was thinking.. How about a new mode fighting,but not simple mod: a live fighting.
In this mode you are participate with 2 of your online friends versus 3 random players in team.
I mean you and 2 friends vs 3 live players . To make a team you need only an mutant. Example: i chose buranka,X chose behemoth and Y chose dazinger. When the teams are ready then start the fight, the mutants hit regulary,with his speed. One team can be created with 3 players who have , for example, 10-20 evolution center level.Example: I - evo 11, X -evo 15,Y-evo 18. Dear Kobojo,for more explication please send me an message to my facebook profile and we talk. Thanks.

Badbat Darren
03-24-2016, 04:32 PM
interesting a 2 people fight sort of like chess taking turns rather than having ai do the work

only way that could be done is if they make a second torniment and have it rigged so people have to opt in at a certian time to both be online at the same time to fight