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[K] Pogolina
03-24-2016, 03:19 PM
Greetings commanders,

Some of you have been asking us really pertinent questions, so we have decided to put together a quick Q&A with your most common feedback! Here goes:

Q: When will the game be launched?
A: PL is currently in its beta version in Canada, Netherlands and Philippines (on Android). It will be released worldwide for both iOS and Android when the players and the team are happy with the game's features/performance. Good news is this will happen very soon, so do stay tuned!

Q: Will it be as cool as MGG??
A: Of course, we make cool games!

Q: How many heroes are there in game?
A: In the global release of the game you can expect more than 40 unique heroes. But many more will be added regularly!

Q: Is this just a Match-3?
A: Primal Legends is much more than "just a Match-3". To defeat your opponents, you will need to fight your way to the top, participating in an incredible adventure and ladder by using heroes and their powers. Both PVE and our Real time PVP combat will require careful deck building and an astute hero strategy - Simply matching units will not make you victorious!

Q: Can I play Primal Legends for free?
Yes, PL is completely free to download and play. Like other free to play games some items may be available through IAP.

Q: Will there be tournaments?
First there will be a PVP ladder, tournaments will come later.

Q: How often will there be updates?
We intend to release regular updates to improve player experience by adding new content a fixing any potential technical issues.

Q: Will there be contests and gifts?
There will indeed, Commanders! Stay tuned to the latest shenanigans in our forum, Facebook Fan Page (http://facebook.com/primallegends) and Twitter account (https://twitter.com/Primal_Legends)!

Q: How can we progress in game?
You will get heroes in the Campaign mode as well as in the PVP. Evolving them will not only make them stronger, but it will also allow you to progress in the different modes and rankings.

Q: What are the minimum requirements to play PL?
iOS: OS 7
Android: 4.3

Q: What are the powers of the heroes?
Some heroes will hit your opponent's board or target specific units, others can boost your heroes... We cannot unveil all their powers as of yet - it will be up to you to discover them incredibly soon!

The Team

01-07-2017, 08:54 AM
I wonder when tournaments are coming. :O

Michael Garde
01-08-2017, 02:08 AM
I wonder when tournaments are coming. :O

I wonder exactly what the tournaments will be