View Full Version : Leveling up

Dennis Rugema Spelletjes
03-25-2016, 11:02 AM
Hi all,

Since a few days it's harder to level up when you pass the 150 fame level. I have a fame level off 206 and I need to gain 210885 experience points to level up to fame level 207. It's a lot harder because I've allready completed all the campaign fights so I need to fight 80 times to level up. I still get 50 gold and 2.000.000 credits when I level up. That's the same as the amount if you level up from 149 to 150 but I had to do a lot less fights. Maybe it's possible to change the rewards when you level up above fame level 150. So that it is more fair or you can give a random legendary mutant when you level up so you can complete the bingo grid's eassier or add reactor tokens to the reward when you level up from 150 and above.

I would like to read your comments on this one.