View Full Version : some variety

Michael Garde
04-08-2016, 02:45 AM
So i've been playing for a while now tho still no where near as long as a lot of others but i am starting to crave some more variations in the fights.....
have a live player vs player game... ie, where 2 players online at the same time can battle each other
expand on the 3 on 3 system... ie, in the campaign there is some where you fight 2 waves.... it'd be nice to incorporate that into the pvp game as well. but also make a say 2 mutant first wave and a 3 mutant second wave. or 4 and 4.. 3 and 5 ... etc
another expansion on the 3 on 3 system is have 4 on 4, 5 on 5, 6 on 6 etc etc
a round robin tournament or just a winner carries on tounrament and the loser is out .... these could be a set times and anyone could join or it could be open and just when enough ppl join a "league" it starts..

I know that you/they don't like to give to much away in the terms of the payment system in the game so as much as i'd like prizes to be generous (ie copious amounts of gold) even just some coin prizes would be nice for extra incentive. as well as orbs, tokens etc