View Full Version : Favourite attack team?

Brandon Charles
05-01-2016, 02:03 AM
I read alot about defense teams and I was wondering what your favourite attack team is.

05-01-2016, 05:06 PM
I think the offensive team is very dependent on the tag and the info on the opponent. I have no tags and do not use them. I found a fantastic team that It guarantee balance and straight victories against evo much higher than me, choosing the combination: drusella - grannyvore . the third mutant depending on the opponent . another combination that works very well is kung chow - krunk . I use these two and untagged win every match . evo 117 , currently 2 % !!!

Devilish soul
05-02-2016, 11:32 PM
platinum britany for sure!! why?? she is the best to cause chaos!!
a fast mutant to get the first hiits autonorush/rak n ruin/ project x 27
and a medim speed mutant like buranka cernunos kal wayne iron eagle etc.