View Full Version : Black Hole: Ruined

05-16-2016, 08:06 AM
I had been experimenting with the black hole as a beta tester long before it came out for everyone and I noticed something very irritating. Not only were some noticeable bugs gone with the global release, but also the chance of getting jackpot tokens was utterly diminished... It would at first be a possibility of 10-15%, but now it seems to be less than 5%!

Now, half of the times, I get supplies like critical strikes, triple XP etc., which I have activated for 1000 days! What if we got less of these and more tokens? Does it sound irrational at all?

Please fix this kobojo, if you think it's fair enough for us to get 1 token out of 100 crafts you're wrong. I'm very disappointed that you had to ruin the only good feature you had made in a long time...