Andre Ro
05-19-2016, 02:21 AM
Hello KOBOJO!... i have some new ideas for the game. It's about a new kind of tournament PvP:

Option 1: you can create a tournament (with register optional) like a world cup in soccer. The players who be interest to be part of this battles have to pay the inscription in credits, gold or even with a mutant (for example: gold britany level 40). So, you have "elimination battle or simple elimination", if you win, you go through the next stage and if you lose, you can not go back to fight in this tournament again, so you have to wait for the next inscription. The awards of the tournament could be part of the inscription and may be a liitle bit of gold, tokens, etc. To make it equitable, the tournament have some requirements like: only players with fame under 150, or only mutants with evo level, 35, ok?...

Option 2: the other option is about a tournament in teams. The selection of every team would be determine by the players who want to be part of this battles but, kobojo, will determine the order of who player fight first, second, third, fourth and fiveth in every team, that will be random or i like i said, determine by you. To battles will be between teams with similar level, to make it good.

Example: my team (of 5 players) bet 500 gold, so... the team who want to fight against us, have to be of similar conditions and cover the the bet that my team request. Obviously you determine the top of every be (maximum gold, number of mutants, etc)

i hope you can read my ideas and i really hope you enjoy them. I think is a great idea for the game :):D