View Full Version : Game Balance

06-03-2016, 02:04 AM
I want game balance. There needs to be a system in place to allow more mutants better chances at surviving in pvp. I take my lvl 32 legendary platinum Autonorush in pvp versus something extremely common like lvl 30 gold Sir Puggington, no orbs. I have 3 lvl 4 orbs on my guy, I hit him 3 times with 25% damage hes at half life, then he 1-hit KOs me because the best I could manage was a meesly 6.5K damage in 3 attacks and a shield for about 900. not only does he 1-hit KO my guy, he does almost 3k damage over. Do something like higher speed=more orbs. Ya, it's great to use a tag, but i've played this game for well over 2 years and have 2 tags, a level 11 and a level 1. I love the game, but it's too one sided. It's not worth spending money on new creatures. Your best bet is to get 3 mutants in the 3.23-3.57 speed range and just spend everything into your Evolution Center. Make it worth it to work on other creatures!