View Full Version : [Opinion] Buranka or Britany?

06-03-2016, 02:52 AM
I seem to be stuck in some kind of dilemma with which hard-hitting AOE Mutant to choose, I do have two level 30 Gold Burankas(Hoping Kobojo make him a Platinum version) and 2 normal Britany's (Frozen) but, coming into fights in PVP I notice very few don't have a Buranka or Britany and I was wondering which would be the better mutant to choose.In my opinion,since Buranka is Mythic and lowers the attack of everyone he hits (With curse) and that combined with a Boost in the Gold Orb Slot makes him OP.Would be good to hear some more experienced feedback on what to do and who to choose. At least until Buranka is available for being made Platinum.

Brandon Charles
06-03-2016, 02:23 PM
hmm, well brit has platinum so its' attack is great, but buranka has curse and good type coverage. I guess it depends on your team?

[K] Pogolina
06-03-2016, 04:53 PM
Hey Azer,

We just created a 1 day poll on Twitter to help you decide! Click here to see the on-going results: https://twitter.com/MutantsGG/status/738760395691823104

Hope this helps!