View Full Version : breeding center / bingo boards

Gary E Wayne
06-16-2016, 05:36 AM
breeding center level 4 that could for a small gold price give u the mutant u want of course only the current ones that are breed-able bingo boards one that is all one gene mutants and one just each gene like one all cyber's , one of necro , one of saber , one of zoomorph , one of galactic , and ne of mythic dont have to be all of each gene type could even have 2 or more for each gene type as u keep adding more mutants oh on bc u pay the gold when u start breeding and pick the mutant u want and again dont even have to add the 20 Legendary im thinking just the current mutants that u can breed like the ones for the bronze , sliver and gold bingo boards im done with bronze and it could be different price for different mutants ty for reading