View Full Version : Credits in Slots

Vincent Le Furr
06-17-2016, 12:41 PM
Like any other Psy-Captain who tries the Slots, we're always sick of receiving meaningless credits and missing out on some incredible Mutants in the Slots...


So, here's my idea: build a counter that will rack up once a Psy-Captain gets credits in slots, and the higher the counter goes, the more likely it'll charge the Slots up so you can get a Mutant. Once they get a Mutant, the counter goes back to zero.

So, for example:
Tiny Handful of Credits: 8%
Second Level of Credits: 6%
Decent Amount of Credits: 4%
Large Stack of Credits: 2%
"Jackpot" of credits: No charge

And then the charge levels would relate to 20% = Regular Mutant Chance, 40% = Bronze Chance, 60% = Silver Chance, 80% = Gold Chance, and if you are super unlucky and get up to 100% = Slot Exclusive Mutant/Plat Chance


MAKE IT HAPPEN, KOBOJO! We're sick of spending our hard-earned Gold and Jackpot Tokens on meaningless credits when we can just farm them from our Mutants!