View Full Version : More is better

Arlene Gilliam
07-02-2016, 06:10 AM
hi I love this game so much that i used up all my space in my lab yes I know I. An freeze the ones I don't want in the lab but I need more space I'm getting to a point I'm freezing legendaries and not having space for lab equipment that if bought please extend the lab some thanks

Piotr Eros
07-02-2016, 01:39 PM
My thoughts exact. The space is running out. However, I would like to ask you if you could do something , that it would be possible to get rod of extra mutants in tubes in a meaningfull way not just sell them for puny money. Redistribut them or something. I've some mutants stored in tubes which i will not need to hatch and was wondering whether you could desigh a way to reuse them or invest them in acqiring new one you do not yet have. I do think that many people will feel the same about this. It is kind of frustrating when you invest a lot (for example gold) and get a mutant you already have and the only thing he is good for is to sell him for a small amount of credits or simply store it forever in the freezer. By the way your game is great although sometimes running a bit slow because all of these mutants