View Full Version : [PL OFFICIAL] 12/07 Patch-notes: MAJOR GAME UPDATE

[K] Aza
07-11-2016, 03:15 PM
Dear Commanders,

As the game is progressing closer and closer to the final launch date and more and more of you are joining the adventure, we will regularly update the game with new features and content!
Today's changes are much bigger than most future updates will be.

The following changes will be applied on Android on the 12th of July 2016 and should be live on iOS one week later.

Triggering Hero Abilities: each hero now has an affinity with a color, abilities are now being charged using matches of that color on the board. Once your Hero’s gauge is fully charged, he can be placed on the board and use his ability.

Each 10 PvP win will reward players with a PvP Battle Chest, which can contain exclusive cards.

In PvP, the number of player turns during games is no longer limited

50 Questing levels have been added.

The Theater is now accessible: watch some videos from another universe and be rewarded with rubies!

Game balancing has been improved

A list of reported bugs has been fixed

Check out the following video for a preview of these changes :)


See you on the battleground!
The Primal Legends Team