View Full Version : Ability animation toggle

Nathan Varney
07-25-2016, 10:29 AM
Ok so I find that when I'm in battle it feels like forever to finish an attack with all the ability animations that go off. I was wondering if you guys could add an option to toggle the ability animations on or off so that if you want a fast battle you don't have to wait for the oppositions wound or shield to show it's animation. Even in 4x it still takes 5-6 seconds for an attack to be completed and when you are grinding that is a very long time to wait in my opinion. So if you could add that toggle button it would be much appreciated and make the game better and more enjoyable.

Den Abn
07-26-2016, 09:35 AM
Yeah i would love that , you know what else i would like ?
turn off all animation !

Brandon Charles
07-26-2016, 04:09 PM
It would help players for sure!

Den Abn
07-27-2016, 07:52 AM
imaging when we start a PVP battle everything happen so quick ,you'll end up starting with only 1 mutant on yo team LOL