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08-02-2016, 04:35 PM
Awesome job so far on the game everyone!

Over the past month these are probably the biggest changes/features I feel like I keep looking for the most. In no particular order:

Sorting the Barracks by Army Colour, Level, HP, Ability Cost, Rarity, Number of Cards, Cost of Gold to Level Up.
Allow multiple teams to be made/saved.
Add more/Fix existing achievements; e.g. the General achievement is unobtainable, as a Level 23, the Level 20 achievement is stuck at 46% since July 3rd.
Please add Leaderboard, the current Google Play option doesn't work; nothing loads.
Display Player details in PVP matches, if we tap the player icon or red ! maybe show the Level, Wins/Loss/Conceded records.
Player History to review our progress/stats; Matches played/won/lost/conceded, cards collected, gold/rubies eared/spent, number of chests unlocked of each kind, etc.
When players take too long to make a move, maybe highlight/flash a random lowest 3 piece move on the board. Maybe have this as an option for hints/tips that can be toggled on/off, or required to see until they reach a certain level/arena score.
In PVP Arena, reward the victor regardless of what the level or points difference is. ESPECIALLY when they concede. It's nice that you get a Fight Chest and regular chests, but honestly I care more for the Points than a few more cards (once you reach a point where the Barracks is near maxed or have full cards and can't upgrade at this time does make chests feel less valuable...except for the gold).
When you do the In Game Updates/Balancing, can you put a message or popup when the game loads so we know it's happened, in stead of having to go into matches, wondering what's wrong or why I suck so much all of a sudden :ohno: (I'm looking at you Ken-uh).
Even with the awesome updates that have improved the overall stability/fps of the game, having an Option to turn off the Extra Animations/Voices so that only the basic Army moving/attacking and HP +/- changes shown would be appreciated. Helpful for older or secondary devices, and no matter how smooth the animations get, after a few hundred matches every little delay between moves feels like the pace of the match will slow down.

[K] Aza
08-02-2016, 05:36 PM
Hi Morath,

Thanks for this!
There is some great information in here as well as things that we are already looking into ;)

All of this has already been passed on to our dev team and we're sure it will be very useful for them!
If you have any more insights and feedback like this, please do not hesitate to share them with us.

Best regards,
James [Aza]

08-04-2016, 03:17 AM
What I would very much like to see is a volume slider for the music. I love the music but I also love the character voices, unfortinatly the music needs to be obnoxiously loud to be able to hear the voices because they are so quiet comparitavly. Being able to adjust that would be a great quality of life improvement.