View Full Version : New Special Orb based on team play.

Sean Apple
08-06-2016, 06:30 AM
While relaxing, I thought of an idea that could be used as a form of special orb to be used in the special slot that involves the set up of a team to support this mutant.

The idea are special moves. The way the orbs would work is that there are only two levels, a level one and a level two. A level one would provide a special ability move to the first gene of a mutant while a level two would provide the second gene a special move.

The way special abilities or moves would work is that you would have to place a mutant with the special ability orb into a team with a specific mutant set or a specific gene. These special moves are to be used to turn the tide of a battle, but can only be used once and will use the next turns for any mutants involved in the attack. We will be using two examples: Doctor Blaw/The Abomination and Dire Despot/Two Primary Necro Mutants.

With the first combination, a Doctor Blaw and the Abomination must be on the same team and one of them must have a special ability orb. These two work very well together, as they both have the same gene set. Let's say, the one to use the ability is Doctor Blaw. With his necro attack, both mutants will disappear and in their place will appear a larger mutant that resembles Doctor Blaw in a large flesh and metal mech that seems to be made of the same stuff as the abomination. Skin colors will match the abomination while the Doctor Blaw will match the Doctor Blaw used (Dark Green skin for gold Abomination/Dark Purple Skin and red hair for Platinum Doctor Blaw, etc.) The new mutant will use a spread attack, blowing out a green fog from his hands that inflicts poison at the same percentage that the main mutant's current ability is. of course, this would be a necro type attack, but would do 50% of each attack added together to each mutant damaged. The next move for the cyber gene would be a focused move that targets one enemy. The same super mutant appears and, from his palms, fires several wires that shock the opponent, leaving a curse effect.

The second example is when a Dire Despot possesses a special ability orb while having two main gene necro mutants on his team. The first attack is another spread attack. He raises up into the air and opens his cloak to reveal a void, in which many zombie mutants rush out and trample the opposing team. It would do an added 33% of each mutants damage on their main gene attack and would heal each mutant on the friendly team for 33% of the normal health rate. The second move would be another focused move. He approaches the enemy, as he would normally and raises his sword to attack. but instead of swiping, his sword spins and slowly grinds along the mutant as zombie hands maul from bellow before a giant sword comes out.

These are just a few examples to describe how things could play out, but I think that this orb influence for team set ups could be very viable in tournaments and provide ways to create a good defense, even with matching gene mutants.