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08-12-2016, 12:44 AM
I Have Come Up With This EPIC Idea Which Probably Would Be Absurdly Hard To Make It Fully Done Buuut Atleast I Can Give You My Idea

So When You Would Complete A Division, Portals Would Open At The Fight Menu

http://imgur.com/a/ggcsP (Where The Red Is Marked)

And Every Dimension Has New ROOFTOPS And The Buildings Could Have Reskins? And Every Dimension Has New Breeding Possibilities Ex. I Unlock The Delta Portal For Completing The Delta Division And Can Breed Any Mutant From Research 1, 2, AND 3 Because Delta Division Is The 3rd Division But You Have Only Like A 25% Chance Of Getting The Mutant From The Research Bingo And 75% Of The Already Breedable Mutants + It Isnt Too Cheap To Get Mutants In New/Old Dimensions Because It Would Cost 5000 Credits To Move A Mutant And It Would Cost 7500 Credits To Move A Compound Like A Zone Deluxe And You Dont Want To Buy A New One (Every Dimension Have Their Own PVE Not Campaign And In The Dimension Campaigns You Can Get Better Mutants Like An Event/Exclusive/Legendary/Heroic/Dimension Mutant And They Change Every 2 Weeks Also)

As I Mentioned Above A Dimension Mutant Yes There Would Be 1 Dimension Mutant For Every Dimension But He Would Be Hard To Get Ex. He Can Appear In PVE But You Have Only 1 Week / 3 Days To Complete It And Every Dimension PVE Has Stronger Mutants Like Noren Or Muddypeat But They Have Less Battles Like The Crisis Were Like The Delta One Has 75 Fights When A Dimension Mutant Appears But Its 100 When Its Not The Dimension Mutant

Also You Have A 30% Chance To Get A Reversed Portal That Has The Normal Campaign (Depends On Dimension Not Mega / Supra Or Whatever It Was Called) But It Has Either Double Or Single Genes Like In A Battle Where There Is A Demon & Alien & Beast There Would Be A Pit Lord & Astro Surfer & Kaiju Kitty

You Would Have Also Exclusive Portals That Would Be Obtainable In The Slots/Black Hole/Reactor (When You Complete It) With Themed Mutants Ex. If I Got The Gothic Reactor Complete (Which I Do) I Would Get A Gothic Portal Where In The PVE There Are Only The Mutants From The Reactor And The Gothic Dimension Mutant Would Be An Platinum Star Gargantus With Better Stats

When You Unlock A Reverse Portal You Can Obtain Doubled Rewards In The Campaign (Like If The Prize Was 500 Gold It Would Be 1000 Now)

Hope You Like My Idea!

Btw. All Reverse Portals Have Insane Leveled Mutants Because You Would Like Meet Instead Of The Planet Cleaner Boss A Alien With Insane Stats I Say Alien Cause Thats The First Gene If Its A Double Gene It Counts The First One Ex. A Xenos Is A Double Gene So It Would Be Transferred Into A Single Gene And It Takes The First Gene So It Would Be An Alien Not A Beast


Brandon Charles
08-12-2016, 02:23 AM
So basically it would be like a Hard mode for end game? I think this idea has a lot of merit and I could see it being a plausible solution to the rooftop space issue many players have. Sounds like lots of fun too!

Den Abn
08-12-2016, 07:26 AM
it too complicated and im too lazy ,but yeah simple idea cant be complete, so.....i can only giv this thread a positive review !