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08-14-2016, 07:54 PM
1. ''Quad-Star'' - The Quad-Star Would Be Able To Make A Mutant Have 2 Normal Orb Slots And 2 Special Orb Slots - Ex. I Breed A Platinum Wynn With The Quad Star And I Would Add 2 Speed Orbs And 2 Other Orbs. Btw. The Quad Star Works Like This I Would Breed A Platinum Dr. Frost With A Platinum Autonorush And I Have A 50/50 Chance To Get Dr. Frost Or Autonorush (No Other Ones Like A Random Android) BUT If I Would Get The Quad-Star Platinum Autonorush I Would Have To Delete The Normal Platinum Autonorush (Same If I Would Get A Quad-Star Platinum Dr. Frost)

Ps: The Way You Obtain Them Is In The 2nd Idea

2. ''PvE Build'' - You Would Add A Building Which Looks Like A Arena (Like A Colluseum) But It Wouldnt Be A Building Like The Incubator But Like The Jackpot Blimp. There Would Be A 50 Fight PvE Zone A 100 Fight PvE a.k.a. The PvE That Is In The Fight Menu, And A 150 Fight PvE Zone. The Prizes On The 50 Fight PVE Would Be In The Order Of The Birthday ''Crisis'' PvE's But With Obviously Not So Great Prizes. The 100 PvE Stays Like It Normally Is, And The 150 Zone Would Be A Mix Between 50 & 100 Battle Zones And You Can Get 2 Mutants Outta The 150 Battles - The First Mutant Is At 70 And The Second At 140 And The Final Prize Is Random Between A Platinum Star, The "Quad-Star'' Or The ''Master Star'' Btw. Master Stars Are In The 4th Idea

3. ''Credit Bank'' - It Would Be A Building Which You Buy For 500.000 Credits In The Shop And It Could Exchange Credits into Gold It Would Be Like The Cost Of Buying Credits With Gold But The Price Is More Expensive - Ex. 10.000.000 Credits Cost 2500 Gold So It Would Cost 20.000.000 Credits To Exchange Into 2500 Gold

4. ''Master Star'' - The Master Star Is Only Obtained Through The 150 Battle PVE And It Is Only Able To Be Used On Reactor Exclusives / Exclusive Mutants - For Reactor Mutants The Old Ones (Like Gargantus) That Have The Gold Star When Platinum Wasnt A Thing And It Would Add Them A Platinum Buff And It Doesnt Work Like A Normal Platinum Fusion It Works Like Normal Breeding - For The Exclusive Mutants It Adds Them A Random Star Buff (Because Some Are Too OP Already So They Have A Higher Chance Getting The Bronze Star Buff And Some Weaker Exclusives Like Captain Peace Have A Higher Chance To Get The Gold Star Buff)

5. ''Triple-Gene-Mutants'' - Well I Made A Post About It Already And Its Here : http://forums.kobojo.com/showthread.php?14617-New-Mutant-Idea

Hope You Enjoy My Ideas

Ps : I Made Other Ideas On The Suggestion Center If You Want To See Them Just Search For Them I Made Them MAX A Month Ago