View Full Version : [FEEDBACK] Amazing Game! + [FANTASTIC IDEA]

08-14-2016, 09:10 PM
Hey guys! I wanted to take the time to truly give this game what it deserves, and since I've been playing it almost none stop now, I'm at the point where I would love to give ideas to make this game more popular and unique! :D I've one idea atm and I truly think that it would allow this game to grow much faster without any promotions.

After playing similar types of games as Primal Legends, I see that many members of the audience hate the fact that they have to wait for the chests to open up, spending gems to speed them up is a great alternative, but I also see it as a huge down side to making this game different. I understand that this is one of the tiny ways the company is making money, but I feel like a small change can truly impact the way people see this game as not another typical money grabbing game. My idea is simple, for every 3 wins in Arena, the current chest that is being opened gets reduced by 10%, depending on the level. For instance, if you are opening a chest at level 1, for 1 hour, the time gets reduced by 5%, then for every level from there and on, the % goes up by 1%. This can be capped at 25%. This not only encourages players to play more often in arena, but also make the game more competitive. For example: "I want to win more >>> To reduce the time >>> To unlock stronger heroes >>> Spend gems to even speed it up to get stronger faster!" The loop can go beyond this but I truly see this idea as something different, something to grab more players. People now a days want to find a game that is unique, but also consistent, if you apply this simple mechanic, I feel like the game will go far, and mark my words, it will easily! Easily beat any top competitors right now.

What do you guys think about this idea? Comment below if you have any addons to add to it.

"Lets make a great game, greater! We are all legends, PRIMAL LEGENDS" ~ Lui ;)