View Full Version : Noren, the Meta Changer

Jake Corrie
08-19-2016, 09:02 AM
Noren, well, where do I start PVP wise?
My current defence team is 2 Noren with whatever speeder I feel like at the time.
of the losses, its usually -5 with 1 or 2 -20s., wins are at least +10 (standard of course) but a fair few are +30 and upwards, and the wins are more frequent than losses.
Attacking wise, I use the Norens and what ever else I need, and most of the time, i'm up against Muddypeats/Tengus, a singular Noren or Chimera and a speeder or all 3 tanks of those variations. It usually results in a sound win with my last standing mutant usually being a Noren with around 10-30k health left.

As for Noren set ups (EVO 53)
Noren - LV4 Health, LV4 Health and LV3 special Boost.
Noren 1 - LV4 Health, LV4 Attack and LV 3 Speed

When I was training Norens, they were PVP usuable by Level 25! And that was against other Evos around my level and I was winning.

Not gloating, just a trend, I have hit grandmaster the fastest I have ever hit it, and with 2 Norens on my attack and defence teams, the losses, have been light (-5) and the wins, fruitful. I personally feel you WILL NOT drop from grandmasters with this team.

To summarise, Noren is OP, imagine if it was starable? I do not think Kobojo planned on people having more than 1 Noren, I'm fairly sure it was supposed to be a limited offer. If I was you, I'd be grabbing a couple of these, well worth the 4k gold!

What do you guys make of this?

Brandon Charles
08-19-2016, 02:10 PM
I think Noren is a fine mutant to own for pvp. I use one with 2 level 4 attack orbs and a speed boost and I love it. I only use one for balancing reasons but I don't have to worry about quite a few mutants anymore.