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08-19-2016, 08:02 PM
Ive Just Come Up With This Cool Idea!

There Would Be A New Building Called The : "Bingo Tower" Which Stays In The Shop Forever And Costs 800.000 Credits And There Would Appear A Breeding Center Like Look Where You Can Set Settings For Mutants.
1. You Are Able To Pick What Kind Of Mutant : Event/Pvp/Legendary/Excusive/Zodiac Etc. Or Just A Normal Mutant (Yes You Are Not Able To Pick Secret Mutants)

2. There Is A Different Cost For Every Mutant Kind Ex. Noren Would Cost 10 Million Credits (Thats The Normal Price Of Exclusive's) BUT It Will Take 1 Week To Be Able To Be Put In The Incubator Except If You Pay Double : 20 Million Then It Would Take Only 24 Hours

3. You Can Pick Only Those Mutants That You Dont Own Ex. I Own A Easter Gunny From The Events Bingo So Because It Is Marked In Color (Not A Full Black Thingy) I Cant Make A Second One Except I Pay The Gold Price For A Second One

4.You Can Only Pick The Mutants That Are In The Mutants Bingo Ex. I Can't Make A Diablo Because He Isnt In The Bingo

Hope You Like My Idea!