View Full Version : New Battle Gamemode!

08-24-2016, 04:05 AM
So I Saw The New Recommended Idea Of New Gamemodes : Stampede & Perseverance And Ive Came Up With My Own One!

Last Knight Standing!

So Its Like PVE But With 150 Stages And With The Twist Of Being Only Able To Use 1 Mutant And You can Only Tags With Your Fame Or Smaller But You Can Use It 2 Times For Free And You Cant Pay For A 3rd Tag

Every 50 Fights You Get A Mutant And To Receive It You Need To Fight 3 Of Those And Its Even Able To Get Starred Mutants (Like A Platinum Zombie) Ex. If The 50th Position Mutant Would Be Gold Pitlord I Had To Fight 3 Gold Pitlords

And You Can Even Fight Mutants In Waves But Mixed Ex. First Wave 2 Mutants Second Wave 3 Mutants So You Fight 5 Mutants

Btw Here Are The Pictures Of How It Would Look : http://imgur.com/a/PKxpw

Hope You Enjoy This Idea And It Will Be In The Game Same Goes For Prabu Farel Siliwangi's Idea!

Ps: Sorry If The Pictures Look Bad I Was In A Hurry And I Was Using MS Paint