View Full Version : [Arena] Random Disconnected

08-24-2016, 11:45 AM
Hello there !

Are you guys experiment some random disconnection in the Arena ?

Happened to me several time , as i was playing WiFi or Mobile Datas...

Is there any way to prevent disconnection or a backup solution ?
Earning point in arena is slow so loosing point for any reason is a bit frustrating....(Specially when you are leading the hit point race :ohno: !!!)


08-24-2016, 01:21 PM
So far I didn't have any disconnects myself, but I did win a few fights because opponent disconnected.

At least there are no rewards connected to arena points so it doesn't really matter if you win or lose, to me at least. :D If they introduce special rewards and tiers based on arena points in the future then it would be bad.

08-25-2016, 05:05 PM
I got it twice in a row where it said I lost connection with the server but it had no problem reconnected me to confirm my lost of points.

So I don't think it's a wifi problem since I could watch the video for the 5 crystals