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08-29-2016, 07:04 AM
Since the heroes got updated I've been stuck on level 128 for 3 days now. I already dislike the levels where the targets can annihilate the entire army after two moves, but my methods of working through them have been tossed out the window it seems. Even though these levels always give me trouble, I don't think I've ever had to try more than 20 or sooner I messed to conquer them in the past by using heavy attack cards like Tor and Horis. But Horis's abilities got nuked, and now he can only aim at hero targets rather than the devilish laser rock deacons that plague my life at the moment.

Which now leaves whether or not I can surpass these kind of levels entirely up to the mystic power of whatever the heckhart I get dealt card wise on the very first turn. At this point I can just glance at it and exit almost immediately 97% of the time because I can tell if I'll be able to power up my three heroes with guaranteed strikes in just a few seconds.

I feel like more heroes need to be able to take aim at targets other than other hero cards. Nuking Horis's ability to do that has dropped my hundred percent hit rate cards to exactly 3 that are useful for these levels. And with somewhere around 250 attempts and counting I'm beginning to lose my mind a bit. I'm good at strategy, I'm not good at having to rely on the heart of the cards to give me a decent enough first board in order to win.

08-29-2016, 10:13 AM
You just need to use heroes that target the areas that the totems are in. I use a team of all red heroes for most totem boards it just simplifies beating them if you are focused on only 1 color. Wakai will hit both, if Kiit or Hiru land a hit it can be devastating and Erys if placed properly can take advantage of where the second wave totem god is placed and start working on it as soon as the first one is destroyed.

In my video I placed Erys in the wrong place and wasn't able to use it on the second wave. The first time I beat it I was using Squy instead of Kiit so there is room for substitutions if you don't have the heroes I used.

=== Team ===
Erys Level 2
Kiit Level 5
Wakai Level 4
Hiru Level 7

=== ALT ===
Squy Level 4

Just don't give up, letting it beat you mentally is more of an issue than anything else, never give up :angry:


Mostly a copy/paste from the other thread I posted this to a few days ago, lots of people are getting stuck, it seems --'

08-30-2016, 09:41 PM
This is the only method I used where I'm able to pass these levels (there are more of them). ALL RED team. Depending on the placement of the totems you need to use Wakai (monkey hits last row), or Liu (hits middle).

Then pray for a good red board in the beginning. Using a team of mix colours will hurt you so don't add Torr to the mix.

EDIT: Oh, gWorldz even made a video. Although I never used fire ram guy so I don't know if he's good.

09-01-2016, 09:50 PM
Did this level today in max. 10 tries? My Heroes were Torr (didn't really got to use him), Karg (3), Erys (2) and Wakai (2).
Restart the level until you get a buttload of red tiles. You need to fill up Erys' gauge in your first turn, or max in the second.

Meo is also right cause on levels like this, it's a LOT easier if you only have to concentrate on only one color. If you have a rainbow team, you'll just get torn apart trying to fill everyone's gauge.

Good luck!