View Full Version : 3 Good Ideas!

08-30-2016, 10:55 AM
1. Saving System : This Is Made If You Did A Mistake And Want To Roll It Back (It Will Only Affect That One Thing In My Case Somebody Sold My Mutants, Diablo, My Star Trooper My Wind Spirit And Other Valuable Mutants I Will Recieve Them Back And Lose The Credits That I "Gained" From It) If I Put A Save Before It I Can Rewind

2. Undo System : A Much Much Simpler Version Of The Saving System But Every Undo Costs 1k Credits

3. Trading : So I Know This Has Been An Idea For A LONG Time And Has Been Denied But I Have The Perfect Idea For It. You Can Only Trade When You Have Reached Fame 25 Or Fame 50 You Decide (The Ppl Who Update The Game I Mean) And You can Only Trade With People Who Have The Fame Of 25 Or 50 (You Decide Makers) And If You Want To Trade Like A Evo 60 Spartac But Your Evo Is Only 20 The Spartac's Evo Will Go Down And All The Orbs That Were Put On It Will Be Deleted And Every Trade Costs 100.000 Credits And Trading Has A 1 Week Cooldown (Not The Case If You Have Done a Trade and you GET invited to trade by someone else and not you asking someone but you getting asked

Hope You Found An Idea You Like!


Ps: I Only Thought Of The Undo System Because Well You Can See Up There That Ive Got My Mutants Sold And A Platinum Star Wasted By My Neighbor And Went To My Computer While I Was Still Asleep

Brandon Charles
08-31-2016, 06:51 PM
I think an undo or saving system would be great, so many people accidentally selling or buying when they do not want to. I would appreciate this function 100%

Den Abn
09-02-2016, 04:10 PM
A yes/no before buy or sell is too complicated