View Full Version : Suggestion: Ideas for unwanted larvae.

Reynan Lariga Palma
09-04-2016, 12:07 PM
Im not sure ifnsomeone already brought this up before but anyway, I think it would be great if instead of waiting for a free slot in your incubator after breeding why not let us store the larva in the inventory instead somwe can free up the breeding center when the incubator is occupied, after all we already hava a slot for unhatched mutants in there. Also for breeding, 50-70% of the time, the outcome of the breeding is not what we wanted, especially if you only have lvl1 breeding center, and the only option formunwanted larvae is to swap it for something else using gold or discard it, making it a complete waste. Why not remove the discard option and replace it with recycle, wherein you can, instead of throwing it away, recycle it. Instead of getting nothing at all from unwanted results of breeding you can recycle a larvae and get items which will allow you to get back at least a portion of the supplies used during the breeding process. For example, when you recycle a larva you can get either med packs, or mutotestosterone shots, campaign passes or if its a starred version you can for a certian percentage(lets say 20-25%) get back the stars used. Since most of the time especially for high level players chances for getting repeats of what they already have are high or in low level players when breeding an elite version of a legendary the outcome is just a regular mutant that they either already have or dont want. Discarding it is a total waste of both time and resources so why not let us recycle it? Or at the very least let us sell unwanted larva instead of discarding it. 20k creditsbis better than nothing for a failed breeding.