View Full Version : New Black Hole feature

Harsh Patel
09-06-2016, 02:47 PM
Hello fellow Psy Captions, i just had this idea to cut the time we spend on crafting.

I believe this feature will be good if it's added in game.

Visit this link for a little overview( it's just too less ) > http://imgur.com/a/a6G6M

Explanation :

~You can multiply the number of items added in the black hole.
~If one of the item reaches "0" ( meaning you have used all of that item ) You can't use the Multiplier option further.

~The result will be shown in a window which will contain the items you have received after the experiment. ( ex; Result= 4x XP bar, 5x 200% XP, 4x level 1 Attack orb )

I am positive that this feature will be very much useful.

Comment what you guys think about this.