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Manuel Chu
09-06-2016, 09:08 PM
I finish campaign and arena is broken now i just fight for arena chest when we wil have a tournament or a event. is a month since global release and dont have news on events , tournament or ranking players, a suggestion will be nice be part of a guild and have guild fight or competition amont guilds and a chat to talk with others players

09-07-2016, 07:46 AM
Even just 2 first from your suggestion would be fine. Atleast events and chat i guess to make the players busy.

[K] Aza
09-07-2016, 10:08 AM
Hi guys,

Thanks for these suggestions!
The team is working hard on bringing new features to the game and some of those you mentioned are already in our plannings and will be added (we hope) to the game over the next few months.

Stay tuned!


09-08-2016, 04:21 PM
Yes, some sort of event/guild/team battle.

I'm done the campaign too and I'm doing the exact same thing you are. Fighting in the arena in order to level up heroes/hoard coins.

Suppla BIT
09-09-2016, 02:32 PM
after hundreds battles in pvp i stop playn till they introduce new features... soo boring fightin whitout sense, i need about 400 wins for a lvl, nonsense...

Rawbie Moonclaw
09-12-2016, 02:10 AM
I love the idea of guilds and you can even add world guild events to take down huge enemies that one play can't possibly beat alone and i had a similar idea with pvp using the ranking system that is already in place (note it is a rough concept but with some tweaks and refinement it will be a amazing addition to the game)
So for example my rank is 520 and I'm a level 12 and I noticed when I started playing i started at 500 so why not use this number to set up tier brackets and then hold tournaments within each bracket say 500- 550 are "fighter" tier and 550-600 are "warrior" tier and 600-650 are "knight" tier and so on and so forth till you get to the top tier "Legend" tier. Within each tier you can hold weekly smaller tournament that can build up to a large monthly tournament that being within top 35% of said tier can fight to move up entier tiers and on the monthly tournament being within top 200 or 100 (how ever you want to count leaderboards) you get special prizes like a unique hero or maybe a large ruby prizes or a special fight chest. As for the weekly tournament you can use those to bet a head start on placement for the monthly tournament while winning good but smaller prizes
Not only will this be a fun and exciting way to play for the players but it can potentially make pvp more balance as far as matchmaking instead of matching players solely by one pvp ranking (which I'm sorry to say the format is kinda misleading since it doesn't get much explanation in-game (but hey I'm running with it)) you can break up players into small and more manageable tiers thus only having to program the game to generate a list of players who are in the same tier and match them with someone with a similar ranking within the tier. The best part is by doing this you can add a unranked pvp matchmaking which you already have going for you guys (since that's what it already acts like)
Now for the guild event there are a ton of ways you can do that for example i have played games that had huge monsters that guilds/global had to team up and fight the people who did the most damage or had the "final blow" got rewards then everyone else that help still got something but it was a lesser reward. If you make it a guild style event then you can look a guilds as a whole then break that down to the guild's members for example guild A, B ,C , D all go into this one event guild A starts the event so they will get a starting bonus for each member's first attack (double damage and boosted health) and lets say this boss has like uber hp of 50,000 so guild A has 5 members and they end up doing 8,000 damage then guild B joins the battle after they attack with there 15 members they do 10,000 damage. so now this boss has taken 18.000 damage with guild B being in the lead damage wise so then guild C jumps in they have a lot of member (30) and they attack and do a whopping 22,500 damage. So now this boss has taken 40,500. guild A attacks again (this is happening over a period which guild A's member have waited for a recharge bar to get another crack at the boss and they do about 7,500 damage so totally in the two attacks from guild A they did 14,500 damage to this boss so damage wise the leaderboard is guild C 1st place with 22,500 and guild B in 2nd with 18,000 and guild A with 14,500 in 3rd. The boss is at 2,000 hp left and in comes guild D with about 2 members and they finish the boss (victory trumpets and things) so now the boss is dead time for loot rewards so guild A first off gets a reward for just being the first to strike with is like 3 guild chests (something i made up for to stand in for a reward but special chests for this kind of play is not a bad idea in itself could add guild resource that guild need for some nice perks or bonuses or we can do Rank/Reputation) now guild C is the "MVP" (or well MVG (most valuable guild)) so that guild get like 25 guild chests and maybe a guild trophy (be cool to have like a guild hall or something) and then guild B gets 15 guild chests and then guild A gets 10 guild chests. Now guild D did not place damage wise but did land the final blow so they get 5 chests. Best part you can scale bosses and reward to again set up guild tiers this again helps balance guild so that one guild can't full dominate the events so that smaller guilds can build up to the high level and rank tiers reward can be give monthly based on rank and tier .
Now I know i have thrown a ton of information at you already but I'm almost done ^w^; just hang on a bit longer
So I talked a lot on the events but what about the guilds themselves how can the mice of Theria make this work. Well never fear mice I have a idea for that! Now the guild system has been well simple in most mobile games but i feel that your team and break that mold over time what I would suggest and do is a guild hall system in which players can invest resources in to build this guild hall up (which works well is helping place guilds in tiers) so once a guild starts you can make a guild hall or better yet guild camp with links to all available guild activities the bigger the guild camp is and the more upgrades players invest into it the guild gains access to more and more activities of greater and greater challenge thus reaping greater and greater reward you can even add a caravan system for allied guilds to send resource to and from each other which then can open possibilities for even big ideas in the future
I have a ton more ideas for this game but this is not the right post for them but if there are any question just send me a message or a email I would love to talk about my ideas with you guys if you need my email to message me please ask
thank you so much
RawbieMoon (aka Rawbie Moonclaw) signing out