View Full Version : Arena becomes tough as I level up...

Arindam Ghosh
10-02-2016, 07:30 PM
I am having wired observations. I was at around 650 and was steadily pushing up til 670. In the mean time I got level up to 21. Immediately next match onwards opponents are of elo 800 and above with strong heroes. I thought as I level up it would be easier to dominate arena... but I find the other way round. As common heroes are strong enough in the game so is it advisable to push up first and level up later(maps accelerate levelling). I am using a team of kane noren drall and torr. It was nuking every opponent till now. But after levelling up I lost 5/5 . Frustrated

Zach Dooley
10-03-2016, 04:45 AM
Because higher leveled players know how to counter the teams that everyone deems unbeatable. Such as the team you mentioned. We recognize the weakness of the slow charge and take advantage of beating you before you get the chance the release your Heros. You have to be a lot more original to win the upper leagues. Everyone's expecting you to use them so to win you have to be different and expect what they are expecting and react accordingly. It's just a mind game.