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Zach Dooley
10-03-2016, 08:38 AM
This question is for players level 23 and up. What's the biggest rookie mistakes you guys see in other players? I personally think they don't see the bigger picture when it comes to the opponents board. If there is super charged unit that matches one of there color Heros on your opponents board, i usually take it at top priority to get rid it so it makes it lot more difficult to charge up and so they can't double or even triple charge in a single turn. For example I was able to match 2 different 5 unit combos in the first turn creating 2 super charged units. As we know one match with a yellow supercharged unit can fill up Masha. And when Masha is activated 3 times in a turn, it can easily be a match decider. If my opponent would have taken the time to destroy those 2 supercharged units I wouldn't have won so easily only my second turn. So when deciding what matches you're making on your own board. Take a little extra time to focus on what your opponents units and Heros are doing first and act accordingly.

10-03-2016, 10:03 AM
In my opinion is board recognition both own and opponent board. Sometimes opponent's health is down to few hps and still rookie player is still looking to gauge his heroes instead of looking for the kill combo.

Players first rule should be to focus on board and hp that way each player should start before thinking for appropriate tactics.

Happy Gaming!

Zach Dooley
10-03-2016, 10:20 AM
That's a good tip. There's been plenty of times where a player could've beaten me if he used a certain combo but instead tried to charge up a hero. That's why the "view units HP" button on the side is so vital for success. I need to put in a request to see if that button can be changed to a toggle switch that can be kept on without holding it down.

Manuel Chu
10-03-2016, 11:50 AM
move my hero instead active his power happen a lot to me

10-03-2016, 02:23 PM
1. Going for match 4 when you could get double match 3 with colours you need. Sometimes it is better to go for double match 3 instead of one match 4, it usually leads to bigger board shakeup which can lead to bonus matches. Ok to go for it when you are sure that that match 4 will fill in your hero.

2. As mentioned, going for hero charging when it is sometimes better to just deal damage. For example, I was at 16hp yesterday and opponent had one more move. There was a possility for him to go for a match 5 where they all would have went for my minions killing them and dealing me 25 damage, but instead of that he went to charge his Torr which left me at 1 hp and I killed my opponent during my turn.

3. Not moving your hero from inside the Erys' fire, or similiar situations. Sometimes it is better to lose one move than to leave your hero sitting in Erys' fire, losing your hero costs you a lot of life.

4. Learn when it is advantageous to put your hero on the board. Dropping your heroes on board in your last move. Ok, this one is actually really dependant on your current situation. I do not recommend dropping your hero on your last move of the turn unless you are sure no harm will come to him/her during opponents turn. I had a lot of situation where people kept dropping their heroes this way for meagre gain just to lose them during my turn since I targeted them. On the other side, keeping all your heroes in hand until they are all filled.

Those are the things that come to my mind atm.

10-03-2016, 04:01 PM
1. Not noticing opponent's hero HP (when it's at say 20) killing them would mean winning the game but not attacking.

2. Refusing to put out heroes until Kane is ready to go (terrible when those green tiles don't come)